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Animals for Tots. Animated flashcards with animal sound

Animals for Tots. Animated flashcards with animal sound
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Teach your toddler about animals and their sounds with unique interactive animated flashcards.

• Realistic interactive animation of 20 animals.
• Clear natural sound and high quality original art.
• Animals names pronounced with professionally recorded child voice.
• Record animal names with your own voice and in your own language.
• Favorite music from popular nursery songs.

These and other features are offered by our unique application «Animals for Tots». «Animals for Tots» was developed by loving parents in close cooperation with professional artists, designers and educators.

The application «Animals for Tots» is designed to teach pre-school children the wild and domestic animals, their names, the sounds they make.

Toddlers will love touching the animals and hearing them mooing and hoofing. Older children will learn to read and correctly pronounce animal’s names. 

Whether you are at home, on the road or in a waiting room this app will help you to keep your child happy and entertained. 

This version of the app includes 10 forest animals (wolf, bear, hedgehog, owl, cuckoo, woodpecker, frog, squirrel, moose, beaver) for free. Additional pack with 10 Farm animals (cow, horse, pig, cat, dog, donkey, sheep, goat, hen and rooster) is available as in App purchase. 

More content packs will be added in the near future.

No advertisements of any kind are shown to children while playing with the app.

• Universal application that can be installed on iPhone, iPod and iPad.
• Original polished graphics and smooth animations.
• Animal names pronounced by professionally recorded child voice in English language.
• Animals respond to touch with realistic animations.
• Ability to record animal names in your own voice and language.
• Ability to write animal names in your own language.
• Pleasant well known nursery music.
• User interface designed to prevent children from messing with App settings and making in-App purchases.

AppAnnex is a member of Moms with Apps, a collaborative group of family-friendly developers seeking to promote quality apps for kids and families.

Recommended Ages: 1-3

• To record your voice for older versions of the iPod without a microphone, you need to connect an external microphone or headset with microphone.
• To hear the sounds animals make sure your device is not set to silent mode or vibrate mode.
• It is recommended to turn off multi-touch to the iPad with iOS 4.3 and later.