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Find them all, looking for animals

Find them all, looking for animals
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“Find them all: looking for animals” is an iPad game (iPhone compatible) for pre-school children that offers varied activities on the subject of the animals of the world.  

Free, educational, from screen to paper

Entirely spoken, available in French, English, Spanish and German, the game comprises levels, each of which depicts a different environment (Farm, Africa, Oceania, etc.).

The very youngest will learn quickly to identify the animals (name, call, photo) during a discovery phase which requires dexterity (scrolling, touch).  

Older users are able to look for night animals and use the camera to make their own photo album or create jigsaws (up to 42 pieces).

The print functions enable the game to be continued using paper booklets which offer a host of different activities (folding and cutting out, sticking on animal heads and learning to write their names). 

Enthusiastic users

 “My kids love this. Educational & the puzzles are a lot of fun for all of us to do together.”

“This is my 8 year old autistic daughter's favourite game. She's a huge animal lover and this gives her an opportunity to not only see different animals, but where they live.”

 “This game is easy enough to use, but enjoyable to want to keep playing.”

He loves to find the animals in the dark it's a great way to acquire listening skills, plus his learning about animals from other countries. It's a learning app in all its contents.”

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