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ZenCal NAB for Lotus Notes Calendar and Address Book

ZenCal NAB for Lotus Notes Calendar and Address Book
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ZenCal NAB accesses to the Address Book of your Lotus® Notes® Server to search for a person and your calendar without any additional software. ZenCal NAB synchronizes your calendar with your account Lotus Notes without any external server.

First native application type "Contacts Centric"; ZenCal NAB includes all of your contacts, calendar, enterprise directory and social networking.

This application is available in English, German, Chinese, Spanish, French, Italian, Hungarian, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Slovak, Czech and Turkish.

ZenCal NAB is customizable through of different themes including one by a photograph of your choice.

The documentation is accessible from our website: http://www.clo-team.fr

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In Lotus Notes® 8.5 minimum with the option Traveler for calendar


An account Notes Address Book® for the enterprise directory


WiFi Intranet and /or VPN to access Enterprise resources.

An account Twitter® for Tweet

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It ‘s the first application that includes all the following features:

Enterprise directory:

Connection to the server Notes Address Book of your business, without any additional software.

In the detail view it is possible to work directly with the result (making a call, sending an email ) or to copy the data into your iPhone.

Display the following information when available:

Last name,

First name,

Job title,

Employee number,


Chain management,

Email address,

Phone number,

Mobile phone number,



Access your Lotus Notes calendar of enterprise without any additional software.

Synchronize your calendar with your iPhone and Lotus Notes account.

Works with all iPhone supported calendars (Outlook, GCal, Exchange, CalDAV)

Includes a view daily, weekly and monthly

Taking into account the regional format

A month view with colored dots

Displaying the week number

The List option enables to display the month events in a list

Today button permits to go back to the present day, week or month

Events are grouped into three categories: "Work", "Personal", and" Others"

Export an event in iCal format (.ics-files) via email.  That allows the receiver importing the event on iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Mac, without having installed ZenCal NAB.

Color representation corresponding to the imported calendar…

Create, edit or delete event.

Innovative function: you can create three types of event list: "Work", "Personal", "Others". This makes it easier to add a new event.


Add a business contact from the enterprise directory

Option to sort by name, group and birthday

Sending an email, SMS or telephone

View the address of your contact

Synchronize your contacts with iPhone.

Works with all iPhone supported contacts (Outlook, Exchange, CalDAV)

Add or  edit a contact…

Your contact you have access to:

Personal or office phone number,

Personal or office mobile iPhone,

Personal or office email address,


And view its location from its address.


Send a tweet

Access to the list public

Search by person or tweet

Reply or send tweet

Access to your profile


The theme Custom "to choose a personal photograph of your film iPhone.

The option will allow you to customize settings as desired: language, theme, security, VPN certificate, accounts, servers, Enterprise Address Book...

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Feel free to send us your suggestions, remarks and comments about ZenCal NAB. We rely on them to improve our product to better satisfy you.