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BeBob's Sound Contraption Pro

BeBob's Sound Contraption Pro
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With BeBob's Sound Contraption Pro, sounds can be played and "warped" in real time to change pitch, create vibrato and other interesting effects just by moving your iDevice using BeBob's MotionWarp feature.  Turn on BeBob's Sound Shaker and now you can play some air-guitar or try air-drums, shake the maracas or even some frogs!


You can combine a variety of sound-play modes including Sound Looper, Stutter Sound, and Echo Multiplier with BeBob's Warp Slider or motion-controlled MotionWarp, to create a whacky sound board or cool beat-box/drum machine. The possibilities are endless!

And you can get your friends involved in all of the fun by sending sounds to your friends' iDevices where they will be played in real time too, using BeBob's SoundPorter! Makes for a lot of fun sending sounds back and forth across the room!

Choose from a fun variety of spooky sounds, cartoon sounds, whacky sounds, instruments, laughs, screams, sirens, and more!


Be Cool. Be Fun. Be Warped. BeBob!


Connect with BeBob:

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/BeBobs-Sound-Contraption/263190187052354

BeBob's YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/user/BeBobSound

Twitter: @BeBobSound

Klout: www.klout.com/BeBobSound



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