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Office, Flash & JAVA w/Chrome browser, PDF Reader on a Virtual PC - AlwaysOnPC iPhone Edition

Office, Flash & JAVA w/Chrome browser, PDF Reader on a Virtual PC - AlwaysOnPC iPhone Edition
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Imagine having a computer inside your iPhone! AlwaysOnPC is your own personal ‘virtual PC’ where can run FireFox or Chrome browsers with FLASH and JAVA, a full OFFICE SUITE, Integrated DROPBOX, & more. 

NOTE: No video or sound (yet...). Requires an active 3G or WiFi network connection to run. 

For example, you can: 

✔ Play games on Facebook, Evony, OK Bridgebase, PartyPoker (real money!), Runescape, Bigpoint DarkOrbit, Club Penguin, Pogo & more 

✔ Use sites and extensions like Evernote Web Clipper, Zoho (edit docs & host Web Conference/meetings!), Picnik, Aviary, SlideRocket (Create,edit & host presentations), QuickBooks Online, Adobe CreatePDF, Acrobat.com and Formscentral.com, Google Sites, Yahoo Mail and Web Hosting, etc... 

✔ Open & edit Word, Excel, Powerpoint, GIF/JPEG, PDF, AI (import Adobe Illustrator) files, with copy/paste between docs/apps, & more! 

★★★★★ "The best program, maybe the (the most) unique!" by Luciano Vilas Boas on Monday, August 29 2011 version 1.10.4 

★★★★★ "5 stars … The app is so much better... And it also seems faster. Awesome update. Great app." by TheGreatDarkManX on Dec 20, 2010 version 1.9 

★★★★★ "I am surprised - this is Awesome! Did not expected this to be so feature rich - it's the best app I had purchased so far. ...” by SoCal Pilot on Nov 21, 2010 version 1.8 

│TRY IT FREE! │ From your laptop or home computer 
└─────────┘ you can try a free trial version - just browse to www.alwaysonpc.com from any PC or Mac with Java. 

Leave your laptop at home; With AlwaysOnPC you have access to: 
✔ Open & edit Word (.doc), Excel (.xls) AND Powerpoint (.ppt) files. Even huge email attachments, Dropbox or online files open quickly in your virtual PC in the cloud w/out downloading over 3G or Wifi! 
✔ Browse any site with Chrome OR Firefox with Flash and Java support (no sound and no full motion video yet) 
✔ DROPBOX folder fully integrated: lets you browse, open, edit, and save files to your online storage account (or access other online storage via their websites) 
✔ The real ADOBE READER app – view PDFs AND use all the 'native' Adobe features like annotations/markups, fill in forms and save them, browse page thumbnails, search & goto-page etc. 
✔ Create and edit drawings with InkScape (.CVG and import .AI Adobe Illustrator files!), and photos (tons of formats like GIF, JPEG, TIFF and more) with Gimp professional image editor 

AlwaysOnPC makes you super-productive with multi-tasking PC-like features: 
➤ Copy and paste between Office applications and the photo editor, drawing program, email and more 
➤ Receive, edit and re-send email attachments 
➤ Included storage: 2 GB of online disk space to store your files 
➤ Easy online storage access:DropBox is pre-installed (Access other vendors via FireFox) 
➤ Open multiple windows, tabs & apps at once 
➤ Import & sync bookmarks and passwords with Chrome, or Firefrox add-ons like Xmarks 
➤ Install your favorite FireFox toolbars and Add-ons or Chrome extensions 
➤ Maximum security: Connections are fully encrypted for your security 

Note on Flash: The app does not yet support audio or full-motion video – these improvements are coming soon! 

This iPhone app is NOT compatible with iPad. Please see our separate listing for those products. 

See a video of this App in action here: