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myGuardianAngel iPhone App

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The myGuardianAngel App is about one thing....Getting you real time help when you need it most from the people who care about you the most.  With the push of one button you can send an emergency alert to several contacts, capture video evidence, be tracked by GPS and through streaming audio from your phone let all of your emergency contacts know EXACTLY what your situation is and EXACTLY what type of help you need.

Since your emergency contacts are your closest friends and family, you don't have to wait for something bad to happen.  If someone is following you or bothering you, if you have to walk to your car alone, if a domestic situation becomes violent. if a date becomes aggressive or if someone you don't know is at your door you can push the "Help" button and you have people ready to get you the help you need.  If it is a false alarm all you have to do is say that it is a false alarm into your phone and all of your contacts will know at the same time that everything is OK.

If you decide that your situation calls for calling 911 you can do that within the myGuardianAngel app with the push of one button and at the same time the call is being made an alert will be sent out to each of your emergecncy contacts telling them that you just called 911 and it will give them your location at the time of the call.

There are several more features within the app to provide you with the help you need in a variety of situations.  All of the features are included for a price of only 99 cents.

Please see www.myguardianangelapp.com for more details.