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Five Apps to Help You Win at Valentine's Day


February 14 is known as the most romantic day of the year. If you want to win over your love and make Valentine's Day a success, check out these five free apps.

"That's All Folks!" Steve Jobs Steps Down, Tim Cook becomes new Apple CEO


Steve Jobs stepped down as Apple's CEO today, and "strongly recommended" to the Apple Board of Directors that Tim become the new CEO. 

"“I have always said if there ever came a day when I could no longer meet my duties and expectations as Apple’s CEO, I would be the first to let you know,” starts his letter. "Unfortunately, that day has come.”

You can read his letter here

Tip of the Day: How to Search for a Particular Reminder


I use the Reminders app on my iPhone quite a bit. I’ll create a reminder to pick up my dry cleaning, buy my cousin a birthday present or pay a bill. When I create Reminders I usually set them to remind me on a certain day, at a certain time. Sometimes I have so many Reminders that it’s difficult to find a certain one before its set reminder time. For example, I made a Reminder to pay a fee for a school trip my son was going on. I forgot what the fee amount was and needed the information before the due date. Instead of tapping each folder and scrolling through them to find it, I simply accessed the Reminders search field.

Apps with Apple Watch Compatibility Begin Appearing in App Store


The arrival of the Apple Watch is getting closer, with in-store demos beginning April 10 and the device going on sale April 24. On Thursday, Apple began releasing third-party apps that will work with the Apple Watch, including a number of popular apps such as Evernote, NYTimes, and Twitter. MacRumors has posted a comprehensive list of 32 apps along with a short description on what notifications and functionality each app will push to the Apple Watch. This helps you to get a clear picture of what the Apple Watch will be able to do. It's exciting to see these apps appear, and many are speculating that Apple Stores will be loading them onto the demo watches.

Tip of the Day: How to Organize Podcasts into Stations


A recent change to my schedule has me commuting an extra two hours a week. Instead of looking at the extra time as an annoyance, I decided to make more use of the Podcasts app on my iPhone. However, the more subscriptions I have, the less organized they are in the Podcasts app. I have a variety of Podcasts on my iPhone, but I don’t want to be listen to meditation Podcasts while I’m driving down he road. That’s where the ability to create your own stations comes in handy.

iRig 2 Review: A Guitar Rig That Turns the iPhone into a Portable Studio!


IK Multimedia made the iRig 2 ($39.99) product available last week and sent us a review unit to test out. The iRig is a guitar interface that allows you to process signals from any electric guitar and listen to the output on your headphones. It now can send signal out to an amp or PA. I tested the iRig with several of my guitars running into a Line 6 Flextone and a Roland guitar amp, as well as with headphones. I also tested it up against the iRig Pro HD model, and have to say it performed nearly on a par with the fancier iRig model!

Review: Inateck TBP-IA For iPad Air


Apple products excel at offering equal amounts of fashion and function, so why shouldn't accessories be able to do the same? I had a chance to try Inateck's TBP-IA for iPad Air ($12.99) and it comes very close.

April 6 Biweekly Giveaway!


This is the official announcement of the iPhone Life Biweekly Giveaway! Be sure to enter the giveaway at iPhoneLife.com/giveaways to win prizes, which we'll announce April 6! We are raffling off tons of great accessories for FREE.

Tip of the Day: How to Upload Videos from Your Computer to Your iPhone with iTunes


If you have a cool video on your computer that you want to put on your phone, follow these steps using iTunes.

Details Emerge on Apple's Forthcoming Subscription Streaming Music Service


Last year Apple purchased Beats, which makes popular headphones and offers a subscription streaming music service. And now details of plans for Apple's new music subscription service based on Beats are emerging. 

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