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Nate Adcock is a system and integration engineer with experience managing and administering a variety of computing environments. He has worked extensively with mobile gadgets of all shapes and sizes for many years. He is also a former military weather forecaster. Nate is a regular contributor for the iphonelife.com and smartphonemag.com blogs and helps manage both websites. Read more from Nate at natestera.drupalgardens.com or e-mail him at nate@iphonelife.com.

Get Microsoft OneNote still for free


We reported previously on the OneNote app, which I briefly reviewed (the WP7 version) in my HD7 review. My impression is it's a sort of dumbed down Evernote (without the fancy website scraping). You can now sync and track your bullet lists, to-dos and even embed pix in notes on iPhone (requires a Live ID--app will help you create one). This is a reminder that you can still get the mobile iOS app for free in the App store (limited time).

2 Cool New Cases for iPod touch!


Becoming quite the case snob recently... This week I have found 2 great cases for iPod touch (though the iMainGoX shown works also with iPhone, most MP3 or similar devices and not exactly new). The other is the new Trident Aegis series case for iPod (shown below), which I like a lot. Wasn't sure what to think of the iMainGoX with it's bulky, zippered, hardshell design that includes a small stereo speaker set mounted on one side, until I heard  the speakers. Cool, would aptly describe it...

eBook publishing covered at Gatekeepers Post!


Not directly iPhone/Pod/Pad related (though they will have an app coming out--currently there's a mobile page), I read a ton of eBooks, and love the fact that they are changing the publishing industry. I used to love Stephen King, but could rarely afford his newest books (being lowly enlisted in the military). If eBooks had been around then, I might've had alternatives to paying a small fortune for a good read.

News Tidbits Again...


Been finishing up a review of the HTC HD7 over at our other blog and recovering from CES, so have been neglecting some of my usual news updates this week (er, and last), so here is a shotgun update. In summary, Trident released a new iPod case (the Aegis) for 4G.

Bioserie Bioplastic Cover review and giveaway...kinda!


This is not an official giveaway. The vendor sent me a couple of extra samples so if you post up a comment, I might send you one (registered blog readers only). Tell me your favorite accessory, case or gadget from our CES coverage, and I'll pick a couple of readers at random to get one of these bioserie iPod touch 4 covers (black, or white...sorry, I claimed the blue one already). The bioserie product is noteworthy because it is made from plant derived plastic, and comes in completely recycled packaging.

Highway King for iPhone, iPod and iPad released!


Just released on the App store, Highway King, a new time management game that puts you in charge of a trucking outfit! Developed by a team of university students, the game requires you to manage and vector a fleet of big rigs safely to their destinations. Get it on the App store here, and look for my review coming soon! Read on for more game play info from the developer...


Last #CES post--I promise--Absolute Software at Piero's!


During CES there are several venues that showcase vendor products. Seeing eveything in a couple of days is simply not possible, so often the best products are found by going to the side events. Lunch at Piero's is one of those events (free lunch and cool gadgets...who could want more?). At Piero's, the rep from Absolute Software gave me a convincing demo on how their software can help manage a fleet of iOS devices in your business, or simply protect the data on your own personal laptop.

iKit AutoCon FM transmitter review


The AutoCon FM transmitter from iKit is a good idea. An FM transmitter that gives you control over your iPod or iPhone through a small touch display with added handsfree features would be great. So far, I cannot seem to get the iKit to do many of those things very reliably, and the product comes with little documentation, nor could I find any support on the web-site.



One more post to put up misc video from the show (dude getting tasered, the amazing MultiTouch display you have to see, and more). I didn't get many iPhoneLife booth pix (hopefully someone did...UPDATED--Michelle sent some more booth pix below) as I was out and about the different vendors trying to determine what to cover, but want to thank all the booth babes (Phyllis, Tracy, Marge, Michelle, and especially my wife) and certainly everyone else who helped make it a great show (Hal, Thad, Todd, Gary, Tim, and anyone else I missed).

Fashionable Backpacks from iSkin at #CES


iSkin was getting their fashion on at CES this year. The buzz wasn't about any of their cases or skins, but their stylish new bags and backpacks. Definitely some new design ideas were on display, and whether you like or hate the new Q.West collection, you have to admit it's different.

I took some product shots of the iPhone/iPod cases while in the booth, but must admit most of our time was eaten up getting the skinny on the new Q.West collection surrounding the booth.

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