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Nate Adcock is a system and integration engineer with experience managing and administering a variety of computing environments. He has worked extensively with mobile gadgets of all shapes and sizes for many years. He is also a former military weather forecaster. Nate is a regular contributor for the iphonelife.com and smartphonemag.com blogs and helps manage both websites. Read more from Nate at natestera.drupalgardens.com or e-mail him at nate@iphonelife.com.

BodyGuardz at CES! - Protect your device!


BodyGuardz had mucho awesome new screen and device protection stuff here at CES. One new item--which made me wonder why I havn't seen this before--has interchangeable back cover panels that come with the case. But wait...there's more. You want to create a custom cover from a pix you snapped in Hawaii, upload it to the BG web-site, and have them send you a custom panel? You can do that too with the new customizable mykase.

Mobile App Showdown at CES!


The CES mobile apps showdown this year at CES started with some upbeat music, and the mood was certainly expectant as people lined up outside the N255 conference room where it went down, but personally the apps didn't really deliver, IMHO. There were some cool apps in the running, no doubt. My personal favorite was the Magisto video enhancement app, which did turn out to be a winner. The show itself was somewhat poorly conducted as demos were frequently interrupted with glitches, which made me actually feel sorry for the exhibiters on more than one occasion. Jon Hein and Gary Dell'Abate of the Howard Stern show did a great job doing MC work, and the giveaway intermission was also great, but I guess I expected the top 10 apps to be somehow cooler...

CES - Lady Gaga at IK Multimedia booth!


Not really... but a pretty convincing Gaga look-a-like was performing, however (sorry). IK Multimedia has a bunch of cool music-making app and accessory products covered by our iPhoneLife musical types over the years, but the booth here at CES was jumping. My personal favorite was the iRig MIX and DJ Rig app combo. A mini mixing board that let's you scratch like a pro (not that I would understand exactly what that is)...

Ten One Design at CES - Magnetic stand to grip your Pad!


You know the Pogo Sketch, and the Fling, right (both have been reviewed on our site)? If not, they are seriously awesome accessory products for your iOS device. Ten One Design has added a new stand, and a streamlined pogo stylus to the mix, and are showing them off here at CES. Not earth-shaking, but maybe worth a look if you are in the market for a sleek and minimalist stand and/or an artistically-molded stylus.

iDapt at CES - Creative charging solutions, and now an audio dock too!


I guess it is a no-brainer when you think about it. Your company designs innovative, award-winning universal charging bases (that support multiple devices being charged at the same time), so why not go and turn the base into an audio dock??! Of course! iDapt is certainly one of my wife's favorite vendors here at CES. We near constantly use one of the iDapt i4+ charging products on our kitchen counter, which charges our iPods, Blackberries, and iPhones without batting an electrical eyelash. But now they had to go and make an audio dock too. Figures, after I went and installed a separate kitchen stereo under the cabinet. Oh, yeah they also now have cases... well, why not!

Sound Egg at CES - Escape into your own shell!


Never a lack of unusual stuff to find at CES, the Sound Egg is firmly in that category. Designed by guys that work on jet fighter aircraft for the military, the Sound Egg is an unusual (but not cheap) way for one to enjoy full HD 5.1 surround sound from your computer, stereo, or iPad. Surprisingly, they are located in the iLounge Pavilion, and let me rest a bit in one. The experience was both refreshing and enjoyable, if a bit cocoon-like.

Check out new Seidio cases at CES!


A vendor in the case realm with prototypes at the show, Seidio. iPhone and iPad case products they currently have are mostly familiar (I have one of the iPad models, which believe we have reviewed). Anyhoo, they whipped out a pretty attractive battery case for iPhone 4 potentially to be called the Convert Plus, with a 3-layer construction. The typical composite materials it seemed, but the battery is 1700mAh, light as a feather, and also removeable....interesting, my dear Watson!

OtterBox at CES - Livestrong Commuter series and case memories!


OtterBox did not have much in the way of new stuff to show this year, except for a specially labelled "LIVESTRONG" version of the Commuter series case for iPhone (see shots below). They did however have a rather unique display of their cases past to present. Pretty funny seing an older Blackberry model in there (complete with keyboard protection), and a few PDA cases I remembered all too well!

NetNanny meeting at CES!


Today I met with President and CEO of Net Nanny, Russ Warner and PR associate A. Cory Maloy. The purpose, to find out more about the coming Net Nanny features and services aimed at mobile, especially iOS (coming in Mar 2011). A lot of parents make the mistake of thinking that their kids are safer on-line because they mostly use their cell-phones, but aren't considering that offensive content and many other threats are a big problem for mobile phones as well. Young people are often easy targets, so if you want to protect your familiy from these threats, you may be interested in what Net Nanny is offering that can help.

Fitness Tech at CES - iBike helps you to shape up!


If you have been to CES, you know the sheer size of the place and the amount of stuff there is to cover. If you haven't, let's just say it is a Smithsonian of tech shows, meaning it's huge and sprawled over several buildings and even hotels in Las Vegas. A few days of covering this show, and you will start to get in better shape. Of course, vendors are somewhat grouped together to make it easier to find specific zones of interest. The iLounge pavilion is one such zone, mainly concentrated in a squarish area in the North Hall. We tend to focus a lot on that area, but close to the same area is the fitness tech zone. If you want to check out the latest mobile gear to help you shape up, this is the zone for you.

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