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Nate Adcock is a system and integration engineer with experience managing and administering a variety of computing environments. He has worked extensively with mobile gadgets of all shapes and sizes for many years. He is also a former military weather forecaster. Nate is a regular contributor for the iphonelife.com and smartphonemag.com blogs and helps manage both websites. Read more from Nate at natestera.drupalgardens.com or e-mail him at nate@iphonelife.com.

APPY Geek - Now available for iPad!


One of my personal all-time favorite news reader apps has finally made it to iPad, and I am a little late in getting the word out (sorry, APPY Geek). It is, in my opinion, a great (and free) news reader sporting a dock-like interface, a slick tag browser, and decent library of news sources! I use it when I can on my wife's TouchPad, and now (finally) can use it on my iPad regularly. You looking to stay updated on the latest tech news, then this is a pretty darn good way to do it, in my opinion!

App Review - TWIG Touch Dictionary!


Among the first apps I reviewed when I started blogging at iPhoneLife way back in 2008 (ages ago, I know) was a dictionary app--Webster's Collegiate (here for the review) from Paragon--and the basic concept then for finding word information was much like the TWIG Touch Dictionary for iPad now. You would start by typing a word into a search box, which would ultimately result in informative word results appearing. The similarities end there however, as to contrast that early app version of Webster's (while effective) with TWIG would be like comparing a Fiat to a Ferrari. The TWIG Touch Dictionary is truly an app worthy of iPad. It's clever use of a mind map-based interface and touch manipulation is stunning, both in terms of innovative design and elegance.

eyeconit - grab apps off another iPhone using the camera!


I can't be surprised anymore at the cleverness of iOS app developers to think of great ways to further enhance the app ecosystem. Several weeks ago I reviewed a free, 3-D app finder called AppCube Explorer, which I thought was pretty darn amazing. eyeconit gives you yet another great free way to find the best apps. See an app icon on your friend's iPhone you are curious about, or maybe browsing one of the best app sites? Merely scan it's icon with your camera, and pow! Info and download links to grab it magically appear... Go check it out at the link above, or check out the video after the break!

TumbleOn to the best of Tumblr photo blogs!


If you are a Tumblr fan, and looking for an app that makes it easy to follow your favorite photo blogs (or find new ones), TumbleOn might be just what you have been looking for. In similar fashion to reader apps like Pulse, TumblOn leverages the smooth side-scrolling features of the iPad touch screen to make it easy to browse your favorite feeds. The app also provides handy quick-pick services that help you drill down on the best blog content, and even reblog it on your own tumblelog site.

myGuardianAngel can bring help to your loved ones!


myGuardianAngel doesn't really turn iPhone into an angel, but it does make it easy to alert others to a potentially dangerous or emergency situation. If your loved ones have an iPhone (and the app readily available), myGuardianAngel can make it easy for you to locate them, as well as monitor the audio or video streaming from their device. I think it could also be an excellent tool for reporting live events at the press of a soft-button.

Slacker Radio Review- Streaming radio with the DJ touch!


I have signed up with no less than 4 or 5 streaming radio services, and whenever I talk to any of my geek friends (especially the musician types), they mention a new one. All start out free, of course, and then offer premium plans to increase the quality or decrease the ads that inevitably come. Several incorporate a feature that I refer to as "computer DJ". You select or enter an artist or song name string in an input form, and the service builds a sterile stream of tunes that match your entry based on similar song characteristics. I'm still old school enough to appreciate when a DJ queues up a special mix of varied tunes. Slacker is bucking the trend of "computer DJ" repetition and monotony by employing the real thing--actual people working behind the scenes to create the magic that I'm talking about. The result is sometimes surprising and refreshing, and their varied content offerings make this service a real standout!

Tiny Heroes FREE!


Go grab some Tiny Heroes today, because it may only remain free for a short time. It is a highly-rated tower defense game for iPhone, and you are the obstacle: the dungeon itself. Can you stop the Tiny Heroes from reaching the loot? If you want to do it free, better get over to the app store now!

Microsoft Sandwiches at CES - Better than Vista!


Ok, not trying to take any cheap shots here (I'm not an MS hater either), but this was my first tradeshow that a major vendor actually gave out something that I needed... I mean it was late in the day, and we were hungry, so I have to say thanks. Microsoft had folks outside the show handing out cold-cut sandwiches during CES, which of course just begs several cheeky comments that I won't attempt. Like...

Car Audio at CES - The Car Show at The Electronics Show!


Car Audio at CES is like a show within a show. Not only do you get to check out the latest in-car gadget tech, you get to see all the latest tricked-out rides the vendors bring to show it off in. Audio, of course, is an expected category at a big electronics show, but the latest in-car equipment not only pumps out your jams, but manages your device so you can keep your eyes on the road.

Why I Love Apple Even More - A FREE iPod upgrade!


I groused about my son's 1st-generation iPod HD failing (the one on the right). We had bought it for his birthday, and about a month after the warranty ran out, the hard drive started making noises, and it became an expensive brick (yes, many years ago). I had no compunction about yanking the back off and replacing the HD, and it still works today (he has all his tunes on his iPhone now, so I use it). I was still mad, but less so, since the replacement cost a lot less than letting Apple fix it (more than it cost originally--thanks to iLounge forums for the fix, by the way). This post is proof that if you are a good boy or girl and take care of your gear, once in a while the tech gods will smile on you, though it is rare indeed. Apple replaced my wife's first gen Nano (also still working quite well) with a new model. Here's why...

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