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  The Annual How-To Guide!
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    Tips and Tricks



    1) Battery Maintenance

    Treat your battery right for the longest life possible. Avoid using your iPad or iPhone in temperatures higher than 95˚ F (35˚ C), since this can permanently damage your battery. And take your device’s battery through a complete charge cycle once a month by fully charging it and then letting it drain completely before recharging. 


    2) Display & Background

    An overly bright screen, animated dynamic wallpapers, and parallax (the feature that makes icons look as though they’re floating above the background) all shorten battery life. Either turn down the brightness on your display or turn on Auto-Brightness by going to Settings > Wallpapers & Brightness. Don’t use animated dynamic wallpapers. And consider turning off parallax by going to Settings > General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion and turning Reduce Motion off. 


    3) Notifications

    Constant notifications can tax your battery, so be selective about the apps you enable. To disable notifications for specific apps, go to Settings > Notification Center and view the Include list. To turn notifications off in a certain app, tap the app name, and in the screen that appears, change Alert Style to None, turn off Badge App Icon and Sounds, and turn off Show in Notification Center and Show on Lock Screen.

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    Visionary Puzzlers



    Hundreds ($4.99) Hundreds feels less like a video game and more like a brainteaser or art exercise. Numbered bubbles float around in the ether, and you need sharp reflexes to tap all of the relevant numbers quickly enough while avoiding the traps standing between you and victory.


    Pivvot ($2.99) Pivvot is an interesting, minimalist diversion that eschews complicated controls and convention for a game that simply flows. You must navigate a dot around joints on a thick white line by any means necessary. 


    Hero of Many ($3.99) Lead a sea of liquid beings to freedom through undersea caverns, lonely expanses, and strange landscapes. Hero of Many is a solemn side-scroller in which you control several small beings and occasionally face off against enemies.


    Dots (Free) In this game you're faced with rows of multicolored dots, and it's your job to swipe through and match as many of the same color as you can in 60 seconds. The only thing is, you won't be able to stop with just one round—you'll keep coming back for more.


    Osmos ($2.99) Get lost in the cosmos with Osmos, an App Store Hall of Famer that offers a zen-like experience with its beautiful graphics and ambient accompaniment. Play long enough, and you’ll be imbued with a sense of serenity you don't normally get from puzzle games.



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