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The Productivity Issue

Your Guide to Getting More Done

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  Your Guide to Getting More Done!
Boost your productivity with:


  • iPads in the Workplace
  • Productivity App Roundup
  • Siri Tips and Tricks
  • Portraits of Productivity
  • Writing and Editing Apps
…Accessories for the iProfessional, Apps for the Mobile Salesperson, Must-Have Apps for Freelancers, and much, much more!
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    Siri Tips and Tricks

    Apple's intelligent assistant is growing up right before our eyes. Here are some tips for maximizing your efficiency with Siri.


    1) Change Pronunciation

    Sometimes Siri has a hard time pronouncing unusual words. When Siri mispronounces a word, just say, “That’s not how you pronounce that.” Siri will then ask you for the correct pronunciation and give you a choice of three different pronunciations that you can play back. Tap on the one you prefer, and Siri will correct the way it pronounces the name. 


    2) Speak Punctuation Marks

    This trick takes a little bit of practice, but when you master it, your productivity will skyrocket. You can dictate punctuation marks when you’re composing an email or sending a text message. If you say the words “comma,” “period,” “semicolon,” or “ellipsis,” as part of a sentence, Siri will know to convert it into a punctuation mark. You can also add quotation marks and parentheses by saying, “open quotes,” “close quotes,” “open parenthesis,” or “close parenthesis.” Just remember that once you establish the habit of speaking punctuation out loud, you might find yourself doing it in real conversations. (We think the potential embarrassment factor is worth it.) 


    3) Sort Through New Messages by Name

    You can ask Siri to read you your new text messages and emails, but you can also skip to specific messages. Simply say, “Read my last message from Brian,” and Siri will dictate the message. Unfortunately, this feature only works with new and unread text messages, not old ones.

    Get the full list of tips & tricks inside the issue!

    Calendar Apps

    Here are a few ultra-productive calendar apps to keep you organized.


    Fantastical 2 ($1.99) Take charge of your schedule with this bright, well-organized calendar app that makes it easy to add and find events. Featuring voice dictation in five different languages, maps, birthday options, and more, the best-selling Fantastical app makes scheduling and keeping on top of your responsibilities a breeze.


    Calvetica Calendar ($2.99) A colorful organizer that allows you to view and manage your daily, weekly, and monthly schedule with ease, Calvetica features several handy viewing modes, custom alerts, highly customizable repeat-event options, syncing capabilities, and much more. 


    Sunrise Calendar (Free) This app designed for Google Calendar users features a clean, pretty design that’s right in line with the sleek look of iOS 7. It takes care of typical calendar duties, such as easy event scheduling, reminders, and synchronization with iCloud, and also includes location-based weather forecasts, Facebook events and birthdays, and Google Maps integration. 


    Calendars 5 ($6.99) Effortlessly manage your busy schedule with the help of Calendars 5, an intuitive app that recognizes natural language patterns and inputs your commands as events. Elegant and clean, with a colorful calendar interface, this feature-rich app lets you create custom recurring events, syncs with iCal and Google Calendar, and more.


    Tempo Smart Calendar (Free) Much more than just a way to keep track of your schedule, this intelligent calendar app goes the extra mile with its smart address book, pre-populated texts, conference call assistance, document access, flight status updates, and more, thanks to Tempo’s integration with several popular social media apps and your contacts, emails, and documents.



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