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iPhone Life How-To Guide


Your ultimate resource for mastering all things iOS.

  • Navigating Your Device

  • Using Apple Pay

  • iPhone 6 Plus Features

  • Managing Data and Media

  • Apple Watch Basics

From the basics of setting up your device and managing your media to understanding iCloud Photo Sharing, this comprehensive guide will help you master your iDevice in no time.


Top Tips


1) Maki Siri Your DJ

Siri is fully integrated with Apple’s streaming Internet radio service iTunes Radio, so you can start up a favorite station, skip and buy songs, or ask Siri to “play more like this,” all with voice command. 






2) Recover Deleted Tabs

If you accidently close a tab that you didn’t intend to—don’t panic! Pressing down on the “+” symbol will reveal a list of your most recently deleted tabs, which can be launched once again by selecting them.






3) Hiding Photos

To hide private photos, simply tap and hold on any photo and a pop-up will appear, giving you the option to either Copy or Hide your photo.  All of your hidden items will no longer appear in your Years, Collections, and Moments, but they will still be visible in your All Photos and Hidden albums.




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Best Apps


Hello Heart (Free) Keep track of your ticker with Hello Heart, an Apple Watch-compatible app designed to help people maintain cardiovascular health. The app notifies you via your Apple Watch when it’s time to check your blood pressure and displays your blood pressure history in an easy-to-read graph that makes it simple to spot trends.


Green Kitchen ($4.99) Good health starts with a healthy diet. Green Kitchen serves up healthy vegetarian recipes with minimal amounts of gluten, sugar, and dairy. Recipes are marked as raw, vegan, gluten free, or whole grain to help you choose the dishes that meet your dietary needs.


WaterMinder ($1.99) It’s easy to fall short of your daily recommended water intake. WaterMinder offers a visual representation of how much water you’ve had to drink, displaying your progress as a percentage of your daily goal, along with the number of ounces you still need to guzzle.


Enlight (($3.99) This powerful app has it all—from basic adjustment tools and filters to the ability to transform your images into paintings or combine them to create expressive collages or double exposures.

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