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Louis Senecal has been a mobile enthusiast since 2001 with the release of the HP Jornada Series Pocket PC. He reviews products for BostonPocketPC.com. He uses mobile tech to make his life more organized and entertaining. In addition to being a dad and a husband, Louis has a career in the Loss Prevention industry. He has been a volunteer firefighter for more than a decade and supports his community in various volunteer capacities.

Free CoPilot Live Upgrade


This is an important notice to existing CoPilot Live v8 customers. Please see the press release that came out today.

Note: This upgrade offer has been available for a little while, as I received my free upgraded version on my Android device at the end of May. So it’s possible you may have upgraded yours already but you better check to make sure.

Proporta Gadget Bags and Quillit 3 in 1 Stylus Pen


Below are a couple general accessories that I thought you would be interested in. Proporta sent me these to try out and I wanted to share my experiences. There are two separate write ups below and all of my pictures are at the end. These are multi purpose accessories and can be used with all of your tech.



Quillit 3 in 1 Stylus Pen

The Quillit stylus has three components. Regular pen, Brush Stylus and a Nib stylus. The overall pen/stylus is very sharp looking. It’s light but has enough weight to it to feel substantial. I have been using this combo for geocaching as I need a writing utensil to mark the logs in the caches I find as well as the Nib stylus end for my GPSr touch screen.

X-Doria Sleeve Stand


The X-Doria Sleeve Stand is a zippered pouch for the iPad (all models) that also incorporates a built in stand via tabs at the opening. I was on vacation last week and brought this with me. I was going to bring my iPad in the Proporta’s sleeve I have been using and also bring Arkon’s foldable tablet stand with me. I received this unit a few days before I left so I used this instead because it incorporated both accessories into one.

It’s a thicker sleeve that is very well padded. Inside are little padded bumps. To and from vacation, I stowed this away in some luggage I had knowing that the padding would protect my device.

Speck iPad 3 Case Mini Review Series: FitFolio for iPad


This is the first mini review in this series of the new iPad 3 Speck Cases. If you are not familiar with my last post, Speck sent me several of their new cases for the iPad 3 (compatible with the iPad 2). I gave these away locally to other iPad users to see what they think about them. The first feedback I got was on the FitFolio. The below mini review is unedited. This user has an iPad 2.


“This was my first iPad cover. I was skeptical about the cover fitting the iPad along with fearing losing the ability to attach cords etc in the iPad outlets. I am a true believer! The cover attached easily and appears to be very secure.

Get your Speck Cases here!


With the launch of the new iPad (aka iPad 3), comes more cool cases and accessories. Speck (maker of my favorite Candyshell case) just came out with a full line of new iPad 3 (compatible with iPad 2) cases. Below are pictures of them with links to their product pages. Thanks to Speck, I got to send most of these cases into my local wild where other iPad users will be using them. In the coming weeks, I will share some of the mini reviews by these people that used these cases.

Review: STM Nomad Messenger Bag


STM recently unveiled their new series of bags called the “Spirit Collection.” I have had the opportunity to use the Nomad messenger bag. The version I have is the S (small) that fits most laptops up to 13”. Included with the Spirit bag is a laptop sleeve that is removable and can be used with other bags or as a standalone accessory. Feel free to also use this sleeve to hold your tablet, or other accessories. The color of my bag is Mustard, but it also comes in Bondi Blue and Graphite.

Review: Proporta Tablet Cases


The fine folks at Proporta sent me over a couple of cases to use with my tablets. I’m not using the latest and greatest tech by today’s standards. I’m still using the Original iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab 7. Don’t shy away from this review just because you may have a different tablet model. There’s a good chance Proporta will have a similar case/style for your exact device. If you are not familiar with Proporta, they have been making great cases since 1996.

Review: USB Cell Drive: Cellink I


USB Cell Drive came out with a couple new products, with one of them being the Cellink I. This neat little gadget is like a mini Swiss army knife that contains some useful tools/features. To start, this little device has a built in 600 mAH battery. Its function is to not fully recharge your device, but to provide you an emergency power source when you are getting low or critical. The version I am using works with iPhone, iPod and iPad.

Review: Aviiq Ready Clips


Aviiq recently introduced a product they call Ready Clips. These are compact charging and sync replacement cables that eliminate those messy tangled up cords. They come in Micro and Mini USB, as well as the Apple connector sizes. They have a clip built in that can be secured in a pocket, or be placed in your tech bag as is. They are bendable and seem to be built well. They have a neat rubbery/plastic feel to them.

They are only 5.5 inches long and are designed for use within that range. Obviously, they would not work for any distances or use greater than that.

Review: Fabrix Satchel 2.0


Fabrix sent me their Satchel 2.0 to test out. I have been using this the last few weeks. I have the 15” variant, which is part of their wool felt collection that includes other sizes as well. This accessory will hold a Macbook Pro 15” is you so choose. This is actually their second Satchel. I never used the first one, but from what I read, they took a lot of user feedback and incorporated it into the newer model. (Note: Pics at end of review)

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