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Louis Senecal has been a mobile enthusiast since 2001 with the release of the HP Jornada Series Pocket PC. He reviews products for BostonPocketPC.com. He uses mobile tech to make his life more organized and entertaining. In addition to being a dad and a husband, Louis has a career in the Loss Prevention industry. He has been a volunteer firefighter for more than a decade and supports his community in various volunteer capacities.

Moleskine Covers for iPhone and iPad



Here is something that was announced not too long ago by Moleskine that's very interesting. They are making folios that combine the iPad or Iphone with their paper pages.

Review: Just Mobile UpStand



I just had the opportunity to test drive the Just Mobile UpStand which I am going to review momentarily. When I first got my iPad, I questioned the need for a stand. But as time went on, I could see the benefits. I just recently purchased Apple's wireless keyboard and I can now see why having a stand (no matter what kind) is important. I am actually using the stand as I type the review. The review below is for one of the stands in the market today, and I must say, that it's pretty nice.


The stand itself comes packaged in a black box. Inside is the stand. There are no instructions, as there are no moving parts.

Review: STM Bags Jacket iPad



STM Bags sent me the Jacket iPad for review. This is not a new product as it was released in June, but I must have missed it somehow. It was designed specifically for the iPad. When I received it in the mail, it was sealed in a plastic bag. You also get a detachable and adjustable strap with it. And as you will notice, it also has a built in handle. I received the black and teal version.

Personal Blog Update: Down to Business


I have a bunch of updates here that I wanted to share. It’s a very long post so I apologize. Hey, I’m a talker, I can’t help it.


My birthday was last month and I was very fortunate to rack up a good amount of Apple gift cards. My plan was to upgrade to the new iPod Touch (I got a quick hands on today at the Apple store and it was neat). I was interested in the updates that my 2G does not have.

BUT just recently, my cell phone broke so I needed to get that replaced. Now I am a PAYG AT&T user.

Turn Your iPad into an Etch A Sketch!


I was browsing the web yesterday and came across this neat iPad case.

iLium’s ListPro! It’s Free


Many of you have either used ILium’s ListPro on another software platform or are at least aware of it. Today, iLium released ListPro for the iPod Touch and iPhone. It does require iOS 4.0 or later. But the cool part is that it’s free. I downloaded it earlier today and replaced my existing list software with this. I have never used ListPro before but I am a faithful eWallet customer (for years), and I know and like the quality that goes into that.

Review: Ektopad F1 for iPad


If you like playing games on the iPad then I think this review and product might be right up your alley. Enter the Ektopad, a case that encompasses your device and gives you really something to hold onto to. Whether you are playing games that involve flying, boating, or driving (on this planet or not), this case may help your overall experience.

I am going to quote this from their website because it’s the perfect description.

iPod Touch 4: Me Want One!

Well, it’s official. I want one. I am still on the 2ndGen version so I am looking forward to an upgrade. I wish it had the same form factor as the current iPhone but I guess we can’t have everything. One of the features I am looking forward to is the HD Video Recorder. I do not have a video camera currently but I sure could find some uses for that, especially since you can upload it to YouTube from the device. I am also happy that it takes stills, although I keep reading about people complaining in the different forums that it’s not a real camera because of the megapixels. I just want it to take a picture here and there. If I wanted higher quality pictures, then I would go out and get a professional camera.

Review: RichardSolo USB Power Station for iPad / iPhone



When you talk about extra power as it relates to your iPhone or iPod Touch, there is a good chance that you heard the name RichardSolo. We have covered and reviewed various power packs here at iPhone Life that RichardSolo has created. But what about that extra power for the iPad? You may not have thought about that since the iPad has long lasting power, but what about the times that you can’t get to that plug? Maybe you are traveling and have various flights to take? Maybe your power is out and you need access to your iPad 3G? There are lots of maybes we could discuss. I contacted RichardSolo to see what they were doing for the iPad.

Review: The iCarpus - Get a Grip





Here is a neat little gadget to check out.  No matter what kind of handheld device or phone you may have, I think this will interest you, as it is not just limited to iDevices. iCarpus has recently introduced a stand / holder for mobile devices.



It is packaged in a small plastic & cardboard sleeve. The holder is made of plastic (white) and has non slip edges (grey).

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