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Does iWork.com work?

Well, here's another test off my iPad of what iWork.com can do, maybe. What remains to be seen is whether iWork.com becomes widely adopted. Given that, not everyone will have an iWork.com account. For those that do, take a stab at following the posted link here towards my attempted sharing to Here is a shortened URL for a shared document http://bit.ly/aqUoQc And here is the regular link you'd get if you upload a file to share https://www.iwork.com/r/?a=p91050111&d=iWork_dot_com_test.pages

-- Post From John Painter's iPad

Airstash stop ship order

Airstash ($99) notified customers today that its new wifi based flash drive is not shipping due to a problem in some of it's first run products with weak wifi signal (sound familiar iPad users?) even when the Airstash is fully charged and close to the device meant to stream to. A small number of defective units did ship, before 4/20/10, anyone having received one of these defective units should request an RMA number from the following address http://www.airstash.com/contact.html for return. Having ordered an Airstash myself, I'm glad the company is acting promptly.

iPad post number two


I figured that maybe with a little help from BlogPress ($2.99) I might have some luck being able to upload images to my iPL blog since I was having difficulty uploading images from my iPad via my regular Safari log in. Still getting used to BlogPress, oops how to I change the image orientation?

What do you think? -- Post From My iPhone

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Taken with Take A Note


When I first looked at Take A Note ($4.99) I was interested in it as an educa tion tool since it has multiple options for taking notes; typing, using the voice recorder, snapping a photo or even your own doodles and drawings as such is an invaluable tool for any student.  I found the layout to be well thought-out, and logical and I appreciated that visually it resembles a paper notebook, for me the visual queue with the functions was practical.

Making kids smarter, one Smart Kid at a time


Smart Kid - English basics lite (free) by Viralint is great!  Upon opening it up you can choose to get learn a bit about it, go into settings, where you can set up some parameters, or start right in with sentence completion, choosing from a difficulty level of1 to 6.

Infant app's for child development


I’ve recently had the opportunity to review Mantaray Creative Labs iBaby Buddy ($1.99) and like what I see with one caveat.  From the get go it should be obvious that you take risks handing over a several hundred dollar iPhone to an infant, I could easily imagine the lady at the Apple Genius bar asking if my iPhone got wet and my saying, “Does my baby teething on it count?”  But with that caveat, and a parents desire to give their children the best learning opportunities they can, I think this is a use of the iPhone worth following.

iPhone's window to the natural world

In this blog I’m getting back to my roots, literally. The people at Antenna Theater have something very special to show you in their blend of the iPhone, natural world and the arts, and it’s called ECOcal.

Apple's Maine connection


Yesterday, June 30 Maine’s Department of Education put in an order for 64,000 MacBooks, to be followed by an estimated 7,000 more over the next several weeks to Apple.

Video Blog Tips n' Tricks 101

Though not quite my regular Blog topic area of the humanities, from an educational point of view I thought a quick video Blog to help people learn some of the basic tips and tricks of the iPhone might be fun and informative. So enjoy the show. 

What the Angels eat


When one has tasted it [watermelon] he knows what the angels eat. 

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