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Jim Karpen holds a Ph.D. in literature and writing, and has a love of gizmos. His doctoral dissertation focused on the revolutionary consequences of digital technologies and anticipated some of the developments taking place in the industry today. Jim has been writing about the Internet and technology since 1994 and has been using Apple's visionary products for decades.

Rumors say Apple may introduce 7-inch iPad in 2012


The latest buzz online says that Apple may introduce a 7-inch iPad next year. The source of many of the rumors circulating is DigiTimes, a Taiwan-based publication that typically cites component suppliers as its sources -- and that has mixed success in its prognostications. You can read more on AppleInsider.

Predictions for 2012: iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, iTunes


It's that time of year — when we see Best lists for the past year and predictions for the coming year. CNET has posted Five predictions for 2012. Some are obvious, others more speciulative. Let's consider some of them.

Showyou -- free video aggregator app wins top award from Apple


I recently finished an article for the next issue of iPhone Life (on newsstands in February) about video aggregator apps. These are a lot of fun, in that they collect videos from your social networks and other favorite news or web sources and present them in a Flipboard-like fashion. I've written about Plizy in the past, and in my article I also highlighted Showyou. These two are my favorites, and both are free.

"Connected TV" market starting to build, with Apple TV leading the way


The Apple TV is an iOS device, and is certainly lagging behind other iOS devices in terms of sales. But according to a report on RapidTVNews, Apple is on track to sell 4 mlllion Apple TV settop boxes in 2011, representing one-third of global sales of an expected 12 million. The report says that the market for connected settop boxes has doubled this year, and it seems that the trend will only accelerate -- with Apple leading the way.

500,000 Apps Now Available in App Store


In a press release today that was mostly about the App Store for the Macintosh, Apple also gave salient figures for iOS: over 500,000 apps avialble, over 18 billion total downloads, and over 1 billion apps being downloaded per month. Of course, with all those apps it's a challenge to find the ones that meet your needs. Check out the iPhone Apps Starter Kit, which gives you a good basic selection of apps to check out.

More evidence for iPad 3 in March


DigiTimes can always be relied upon for rumors, though they have a mixed record regarding whether those rumors end up being true. Their sources of information are Apple's suppliers in Asia. And those sources are now saying that we can except the iPad 3 around March or so. The component manufacturers say that they're preparing to reduce production of iPad 2 components and are now delivering components for the iPad 3.

Google releases Google Currents, a free Flipboard-like app


Flipboard is one of the most popular apps for the iPad. And it was so heavily downloaded when it was released earlier this week for the iPhone that the added traffic brought down Flipboard's servers. Now Google has jumped into this popular space — apps that aggregate your social media content, news, and other web content into a personally tailored, very attractive, magazine-like format. Google Currents (free) is available as a universal app for both the iPhone and iPad.

NY Times: Emoji texting icons may be coming to iPhone


Texting is the main mode of communication for many smartphone users who disdain email, especially the younger generation. And in Asia, emoji icons have long been a staple of text messaging. They liven up text messages in a way not possible via emoticons -- those little smily faces or frowns made from colons and parentheses. Now Apple is apparently bringing emoji to the iPhone.

Free Flipboard app now available for iPhone


Big news late yesterday: the wildly popular Flipboard app (free) originally available only for the iPad is now available for the iPhone as a universal app. Flipboard is so popular, and so many iPhone users downloaded it, that CNET is reporting that the service is down. The app gives you an amazing new window onto Facebook and other social networking services.

Hints that Apple is further building out Siri, possibly for TV and Mac


Siri is a hit — one of the major reasons that sales the iPhone 4S haven't yet plateaued. Sales just keep accelerating. And everyone has been imagining that the lovable and useful Siri will become more widely available: on other devices, as an interface for other apps, and in additional languages. Now some new job postings by Apple give hints that this is coming.

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