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Jim Karpen holds a Ph.D. in literature and writing, and has a love of gizmos. His doctoral dissertation focused on the revolutionary consequences of digital technologies and anticipated some of the developments taking place in the industry today. Jim has been writing about the Internet and technology since 1994 and has been using Apple's visionary products for decades.

Apple announces new Apple TV


The first announcement in today's event was a new version of their Apple TV. As rumored, the new device will have 1080p. And, of course, to go along with it, there will now be 1080p movies and TV shows in the iTunes Store. Apple TV offers Genius recommendations so that you can find more movies that you like. The interface has changed a bit and is now more like iOS. And it connects with iTunes Match so that you can listen to your music library on your TV. It also connects with Photo Stream, so that any photos you take with your iOS device appear on your TV — in 1080p.

One last round of rumors: iPad 3 may have textured screen; Apple TV 3 to remain $99


It's a bit late to be reporting rumors, given that in less than 2 hours we'll know the scoop. The wildest rumor is that the new iPad will use a technology that will let the screen feel as if it has textures. You can read more on Cult of Mac. There's speculation that the iPad 3/HD will have the new E-Sense technology that uses electrostatic fields to give the glass screen a feeling of texture depending on what you're looking at — providing a rough, rigid, or rounded feeling.

Latest Rumors: "iPad HD"; 4G LTE expected; may be available March 16


Rumors are swirling, and today are complemented with a tease on Verizon's Wireless page that may be related to the iPad. It says "Something Is Coming" and invites you to submit your email address to be alerted to the latest news. Reuters is reporting that the new iPad will have 4G LTE — and that this high-speed data capability is a bet by Apple that you'll want to use your device to watch high-quality video without needing to be in the range of a WiFi hotspot.

Preview of Wednesday's iPad 3 announcement; more evidence of similar form factor


Excitement is building for the March 7 announcement of the iPad 3. Of course, we don't know that it will be called "iPad 3." iMore has posted an excellent preview of the event, summarizing all the rumored features of this new device. Everything points to a high-resolution retina display, improved camera, faster processor, and high-speed LTE data. Their article even includes a summary of the expected features of iOS 5.1, which will be running on the device.

More details on iPad 3: same configurations, same prices


I'm really looking forward to next week's announcement, though I'm guessing that the rampant rumors have already revealed a lot of the details. 9To5Mac reported yesterday that they've learned that the pricing will be the same, and that there will again be a choice between 16, 32, and 64 GB models. This is counter to a rumor that had circulating saying there would be a slight increase in price.

Apple moving ahead with plans to offer streaming TV service by Christmas


It will really be interesting to see how this plays out. Yesterday the New York Post reported that Apple is forging ahead with plans to offer a streaming TV service by Christmas — but that the content providers aren't too happy with the terms Apple is offering. One source is quoted as saying about Apple that their attitude is, “we decide the price, we decide what content.” And a media executive complained, "They want everything for nothing."

Apple may also introduce iPad 2 next week priced as low as $349; 8-inch iPad may come later


The DigiTimes website today is full of hot rumors. As usual, the sources for the news are Apple's suppliers, and, as usual, it's worth noting that this website's track record for accuracy has been uneven. DigiTimes reported that Apple will announce an 8GB iPad 2 next week that will be priced to compete on the lower end of the market. This would, of course, be in addition to an iPad 3 that's expected.

More evidence that Apple TV 3 will be announced next week


Shipments of the current Apple TV device have pretty much dried up, which strongly suggests that Apple is preparing to release a new model — quite likely as part of the iPad 3 event in San Francisco next week. You can read more on AppleInsider. Most of the rumors are saying that the processor will receive the same upgrade as that on the iPad 3 and will allow for streaming of 1080p video. This will likely coincide with the availability of 1080p content in the iTunes Store.

Apple announces March 7 event! iPad 3 expected


Apple has now sent out invitations to the media for an even tto be held in San Franciso next Wednesday, March 7. And the image of an iPad on the invitation pretty much confirms that the iPad 3 will be announced. You can read more on CNET. Recent rumors say that the new iPad will be available on Friday, March 9.

CNBC reports iPad 3 launch coming next week, will have quad-core processor and 4G data speed


I'm guessing that in the next few days Apple will announce an event to be held next week — one that many expect to happen on March 7 for the purpose of launching the iPad 3. And possibly also Apple TV 3. Financial news network CNBC reported today that the event next week will involve New York City, if not necessarily being held there, and that the iPad 3 will have a speed quad core processor and 4G wireless data speeds. You can read more on AppleInsider

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