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Jim Karpen holds a Ph.D. in literature and writing, and has a love of gizmos. His doctoral dissertation focused on the revolutionary consequences of digital technologies and anticipated some of the developments taking place in the industry today. Jim has been writing about the Internet and technology since 1994 and has been using Apple's visionary products for decades.

New evidence for 64GB iPhone 4S model


Tomorrow we'll learn what Apple has up its sleeve, and we'll move from reporting rumors to explaining details. For now, the evidence continues to mount that an iPhone 4S will be announced along with a presumed iPhone 5. Gizmodo has posted actual photos of an iPhone 4S from the manufacturing plant in Brazil.

Concept video shows speech recognition feature of iOS 5

A lot of evidence has suggested that Apple will roll out deep integration of speech recognition in iOS 5. If you're wondering how that might work, MacRumors has posted a "concept" video that demonstrates this feature, called Assistant. The video is speculative, and based on various details that have emerged.

Apple inadvertently sends out iCloud announcement


Apple inadvertently sent out some iCloud announcements prematurely via email yesterday. The announcement gave the recipients their iCloud ID, which is their email address, and gave a link to further instructions. However, the instructions page isn't yet live on Apple's website. Read more on AppleInsider. The email also gave a brief description of iCloud. I was glad to see that Apple is giving users a specific ID. One problem I've had with the Apple environment is that there are several different versions of my username, which has sometimes caused problems.

Will Apple announce two iPhones?


We've repeated several rumors that Apple will be announcing two iPhones -- contributing to the nearly impossible expectations. I don't envy Tim Cook, who will be facing such high expectations in his very first product introduction as CEO. Now a recent post on AppleInsider is quoting market analysts are are saying that it's likely that only one phone will be introduced. 

iPhone 5 cases show up at an AT&T store


There's a whole lotta confusion among the various rumors, and adding to the mix is the appearance of iPhone 5 cases in AT&T stores. The cases suggest that the new iPhone will be thinner with tapered edges. You can read more and see photos on the cases in a post on MacRumors. The post still holds out the possibility, though, that Apple may not introduce a redesigned iPhone -- that other evidence is suggesting an iPhone 4S instead. It won't be long until the mystery is solved.

Apple inventory system hints at two new iPhone models


According to 9To5Mac, Apple's inventory system now has new entries that give clues to what will be announced next Tuesday. You can read a more detailed analysis on Appolicious. The entries are interpreted to mean a new, low-cost iPhone 4 iteration, new iPod touches (reinforcing rumors of forthcoming white iPod touch models), and a new iPhone 5 model.

iPhone 5 invitation hints at speech recognition in iOS 5


Apple's invitation for the October 4 event announcing the new iPhone said, "Let's talk iPhone." In the past, the wording of the invitation was a clue to the major theme. So speculation is mounting that this is referring to the deep integration of speech recognition long rumored to be part of iOS 5. Last year Apple bought Siri, a leader in natural language understanding on the iPhone with their free Siri Assitant app. And Apple is rumored to be partnering with Nuance, the developer of a leading line of speech recognition products.

New Facebook app for iPad may be announced at iPhone event Oct 4


TNW describes a new Facebook app for the iPad that may be announced in conjunction with the October 4 event -- and some of the intrigue behind its development. Apparently the app will let Facebook apps and games run inside the browser without having to run natively. Those who've had a preview of a leaked version have been quite impressed.

Apple may be considering curved cover glass for future iPhone


DigiTimes apparently has a mixed record in regard to rumors. Most recently they're speculating that Apple may be looking into the use of curved cover glass on the iPhone. The evidence: Apple has reportedly purchased 300 glass-cutting machines earlier this year.

It's official! iPhone announcement coming October 4


I'm glad that all those rumors I've been posting have turned out to be true. Apple has now sent out invitations to their October 4 media event. Jim Darlymple of The Loop received an official invitation. Also, the rumor that it will be held on the Apple campus in Cupertino also turns out to be true. And a week from today we'll find out whether the other rumors about new models are true.

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