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Jim Karpen holds a Ph.D. in literature and writing, and has a love of gizmos. His doctoral dissertation focused on the revolutionary consequences of digital technologies and anticipated some of the developments taking place in the industry today. Jim has been writing about the Internet and technology since 1994 and has been using Apple's visionary products for decades.

Apple Watch's 8 GB Storage Includes 2 GB for Music, 75 MB for Photos


9To5Mac has ferreted out detail about the Apple Watch's storage capacity — and says that the company has confirmed the details. The Apple Watch comes with 8 GB of storage, of which 2 GB is allocated for music and 75 MB allocated for photos. The rest of the space is apparently reserved for the OS, built-in apps, settings data, application caches, etc. Even more interesting is that 9To5Mac says that one doesn't need a tethered iPhone to listen to the music or view the photos being stored on the watch. That comes as a surprise and adds to the standalone functions of date, time, and timer that we already were aware of.

Tip of the Day: Use Handoff to Seamlessly Go Between iDevices and a Mac


If you're a Mac user running Yosemite, you'll want to take advantage of the wonderful new Continuity features. One of the aspects of Continuity is Handoff, which lets you continue whatever you were doing when you switch from using your iOS device to a Mac, or vice versa. If you're reading a web page on your iPad, for example, and you then sit down in front of your Mac, an icon will appear on the Mac that, with a click, will let you continue reading that same page on your Mac. Or you can be writing an email on your Mac and then seamlessly continue writing it on your iPhone. You'll need to be running iOS 8 on your device, and you'll need a Mac that's from 2012 or later.

Apple Watch Event Roundup: Apple's Incredible Focus on Making Products People Love


If there was a single theme in today's Apple event, it was the company's extraordinary commitment to be constantly envisioning great products, and then continually refining them. No other company seems to have such a dedicated focus, nor the resources to bring it off. 

Apple Will Join Dow Jones on March 18


Apple, the world's largest publicly traded company according to market capitalization, will join the Dow Jones Industrial Average after the market closes on March 18, according to a report by Reuters on Friday. In a bit of irony, Apple will replace AT&T among the 30 stocks included in the Dow. Originally primarily a telegraph and telephone company, AT&T has been eclipsed by Apple. The goal of the change is to maintain the weighting of the technology sector in the Dow following a stock split by Visa, according to the press release on Mac Daily News. Ever since Apple's seven-for-one stock split, market analysts had been expecting that Apple would be added to the Dow. 

The Era of the Apple Watch


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With the unveiling of the Apple Watch last fall, Apple launched a new product category for the first time since Tim Cook became CEO.

Website Lets You See How Your Customized Apple Watch Will Look


Mix Your Watch is a new website that lets you try different combinations of Apple Watch cases and bands to see which you like best. Of course, you likely won't be able to decide for sure until you see it in person, but this site can give you an idea of the combinations you might prefer. 

Apple Watch Rumor Roundup


Excitement is building as next Monday's announcement draws near. Everyone is expecting the event to focus on details of the forthcoming Apple Watch. We already know a fair amount, thanks to the announcement last fall. And more details emerged when Apple released the WatchKit tools for developers. Plus, there have been a number of rumors.

Website Gives Interactive Preview of Apple Watch Apps


If you're curious about how Apple Watch apps will work in practice, hop on over to Watchware, which has interactive demos of 26 of the apps that will be available (with more being added all the time). 

Rumor: iPhone 6s to Have "Force Touch" Display


Although the Apple Watch is getting most of the attention right now, rumors are starting to percolate regarding the next iPhones. According to a post on AppleInsider, the forthcoming phones will be named the iPhone 6s and will come in the same sizes and design as the current iPhone 6. In addition, their sources ("people familiar with the matter") say that the display will use the Force Touch feature being introduced in the Apple Watch. 

Apple Posts "World Gallery" Web Page Highlighting 77 Stunning Photos Taken with iPhone 6


On Sunday Apple posted a new World Gallery web page that features stunning photos by 77 photographers taken with the iPhone 6, which Apple describes as "the world's most popular camera." Each photo is accompanied by a caption that gives the name and location of the photographer, a description of what makes the photo effective and the techniques used, and the apps used by the photographer. One can glean a lot of tips for taking great photos by reading the descriptions.

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