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Jim Karpen holds a Ph.D. in literature and writing, and has a love of gizmos. His doctoral dissertation focused on the revolutionary consequences of digital technologies and anticipated some of the developments taking place in the industry today. Jim has been writing about the Internet and technology since 1994 and has been using Apple's visionary products for decades.

Flyover Adds 20 New Locations, Including Arches National Park and Teotihuacán, Mexico


I really enjoy the Flyover feature of Apple's Maps app, which lets you see "select major metro areas from the air with photo-realistic, interactive 3D views. Explore cities in high resolution as you zoom, pan, tilt, and rotate around the city and its landmarks." There are currently 141 landmarks and cities that have the Flyover feature, including 20 new ones that Apple recently added. (Note that it can take time for to roll out these new locations so that they're available in everyone's app.) The new locations include:

Video Compares Mockup of Rumored iPad Pro to iPad Air


It's long been rumored that Apple will be coming out with a 12.9-inch iPad called the iPad Pro. And alleged specs for the new device have even been leaked. Plus, apparently manufacturers are already making cases for the larger iPad. The legendary Sonny Dickson, who's come up with some big scoops in the past, has obtained some of these cases, and a video uploaded by Unbox Therapy compares the cases with the iPad Air. The video gives a very clear picture of how big the rumored iPad Pro would be.

Strong Evidence That New Apple TV Will Be Announced in June


There have long been rumors that Apple will be coming out with a new Apple TV to replace the aging device that hasn't been updated for several years. The first clue that it might happen soon was when Apple recently lowered the price of the current Apple TV to $69, suggesting that the company might be trying to clear out inventory. And now Apple's website shows that the current Apple TV is no longer in stock and gives a ship time of one to two weeks. This sort of thing usually happens in advance of an updated device from Apple. It now seems likely that Apple will announce a new Apple TV at the Worldwide Developers Conference scheduled for June 8–12. Rumors for the past 18 months have suggested that Apple would open up the Apple TV to developers, and now it may be happening.

Users Report Scratching of Stainless Steel Watch, But Is Easily Fixed Via Buffing


You can imagine the consternation felt by owners of a new $500 stainless steel Apple Watch when they notice scratches on the casing. According to a report on 9To5Mac, while it does indeed appear that this model is easily scratched, it can also be easily fixed. The article says that such scratching is actually common for stainless steel items and that the scratches can be removed via buffing. A video shows how it's done and gives a good before-and-after comparison of a scratched watch appearing like new again.

Apple Posts Apple Watch User Guide; iMore Posts Buyers Guide


Apple has posted an extensive Apple Watch User Guide on their website in addition to making it available as an iBook. The guide has 22 chapters covering every facet of this new device, from the Basics and Watch Faces to Mail and Phone Calls. There's a concluding chapter on Safety, Handling & Support. Each chapter has clear instructions along with screen shots. The chapters cover all the native apps as well as general tips and tricks.

Apple Offering Online Chat Sessions to Help with Apple Watch Setup


If you have a new Apple Watch and want Apple's help getting it set up — without having to go to an Apple Store — you can schedule an online chat on a special page Apple has posted. The page says: "For help setting up your new Apple products, choose a time below to schedule an online chat with your Apple Specialist. We'll give an online demo and show you some tips and tricks." As I write this, all of the Saturday times are already booked, as well as Sunday morning.

Apple Releases Three 1-Minute Ads for Apple Watch


The Apple Watch is certainly creating a lot of buzz today, now that people are beginning to receive them. And to go along with that, Apple has released three new one-minute ads showcasing the many different ways in which the watch can be used: making payments, connecting with other people, tracking one's fitness, setting alarms, getting directions, getting reminders, and more.

Screen Shots and Over 2,000 Demos of Apple Watch Apps


Developers have seized the opportunity to add Apple Watch functionality to their apps, and thousands of apps with Apple Watch compatibility are already available. You don't need to have an Apple Watch to get a sense for what's available, thanks to two websites that are posting screen shots and interactive demos. A developer has figured out a way to take screenshots of Apple Watch apps, and 9To5Mac has posted a gallery of them (with the intention of continually updating it with more screen shots). The screenshots include Twitter, Uber, Instagram, ESPN, Flipboard, Microsoft PowerPoint, Pandora, Yahoo Weather, and many more. 

Tip of the Day: Don't Know What to Ask Siri? Siri Will Tell You



It took me over a year to get in the habit of using Siri, partly because she seemed so human-like. I was worried I'd say something dumb. One day I finally got it: there ain't no one listening. And ever since then I've used Siri with abandon. Lately I was surprised to discover that Siri offers a helpful guide to what you can say or ask.

Apple Posts Final Three "Guided Tour" Videos of Apple Watch


Amidst the excitement surrounding the launch of the Apple Watch, Apple has posted the final 3 of their series of 11 Guided Tour videos that show how it works. These last three short videos cover Apple Pay, Activity, and Workout. The health & fitness functions of the Apple Watch promise to be one of the killer features, so it's good to have a sense for what the Activity and Workout apps can do for you.

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