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Jim Karpen holds a Ph.D. in literature and writing, and has a love of gizmos. His doctoral dissertation focused on the revolutionary consequences of digital technologies and anticipated some of the developments taking place in the industry today. Jim has been writing about the Internet and technology since 1994 and has been using Apple's visionary products for decades.

Wal-Mart Selling iPhone 5C for $79 and iPhone 5S for $189


Apple generally exerts tight control over the price retailers charge for Apple products, but in a somewhat unprecedented move is allowing Wal-Mart to sell the new phones at a discount. You can get the 16GB iPhone 5C for $79 (regularly $99) with contract and the iPhone 5S for $189 (regularly $199). According to AppleInsider, the iPhone 5C will be available for preorder in-store at that price beginning September 13. But if you're in the market for a 5S, you'll need to wait and buy one in the store on September 20. 

iPhone 5S 64-bit Processor Takes Mobile Computing to New Level


The new iPhone 5S will be up to twice as fast as the iPhone 5, thanks to its 64-bit architecture. While a 64-bit processor is common on desktop computers, the iPhone 5S is the first phone in the world to have this architecture. Apple demoed Infinity Blade III to show what this powerful chip can do, from loading complex environments nearly instantly to supporting graphics with four times as much detail. 

Five Reasons the New iPhone 5S Camera is the One to Beat


I was feeling jaded, as if I pretty much already knew most of what Apple would be announcing. I was wrong. Some of the features of the iPhone 5S are stunning—and show that Apple hasn't lost its vision. I was especially impressed with the camera (and I'm no photography buff). Some of the features don't exist on any other phone, or even any other camera, in the world. I'll leave it to the experts here to tell you more about it, but here's what I came away with.

What We Don't Yet Know about New iPhones; People Already Lining Up in NYC


Enthusiasm for Tuesday's event continues to build, with Cult of Mac reporting that customers wanting the new phone were already starting to line up yesterday at Apple's Fifth Avenue store in New York City. As much as we know about the new phones, there's still a lot that we don't, especially about the 5C. So interest in Apple's announcement remains high.

More Detail Emerges on Home Button with Fingerprint Sensor


According to the website Electronista, a post by China Telecom accidentally confirmed that Apple will be announcing the iPhone 5S and 5C next Tuesday. As if there were any doubt by now. Details on the new iPhone 5S continue to emerge, including some clues about the Home button/fingerprint sensor. According to AppleInsider, it appears that Apple will place a subtle silver ring around the Home button to differentiate the fingerprint-enabled button from its appearance on the other iPhones. 

Videos of Forthcoming iPad 5 and iPad Mini Appear Online


Two videos have been posted this week that give you a clear look at the forthcoming iPads based on the front panel and the back casing. First a video of the the fifth-generation iPad was posted by Lou of Unboxing Therapy earlier this week. (See the video embedded below.) It shows in detail the new device compared to the current fourth-generation iPad. As expected, the new version is narrower overall, thanks to the narrower bezels left and right. In that respect, it has the same form factor as the iPad mini. The video demonstrates that by placing the iPad 5 front panel on top of a fourth-generation iPad, so you can see easily compare the size, and does the same for the back panel. 

Australian Teen Leaks Hi Res Photos of New iPhone Fingerprint Sensor


Somehow an Australian teen named Sonny Dickson is getting some big scoops, first attracting attention last month by posting quality images and videos of the champagne and gray casings for the expected iPhone 5S. Now he's posted hi-res photos of the fingerprint sensor that's expected to be in the new phone. While one can never be sure the photos are authentic, he insists he's verified their authenticity. The fingerprint sensor is expected to be part of the Home button and to be used to enhance security.

Apple May Introduce a New Apple TV at Sept. 10 Event


This summer, Apple added eight content providers to their Apple TV set-top box, including Disney, ESPN, HBO Go, and Smithsonian, indicating that this product is getting increased attention. Not only that, but some evidence suggests that Apple may be working on a software developer's kit that will let content providers create their own apps for the device. That would hugely increase its appeal.

Now it's been discovered that Apple has received three shipments from China labeled "set-top boxes." Those three shipments total 40 metric tons. That's a lot of product. You can read more details on AppleInsider. Clearly something is going on, and the speculation is that Apple may announce a new set-top box at their event on September 10.

Should they release an enhanced version of their Apple TV set-top box, and should they announce a developer's kit, this will be unexpected—and big news.

Planning to Get the New iPhone? How To Get the Most Money For Your Old Device


iMore has posted a great article on how to get the most money for your old iPhone. The site gives tips for preparing it for sale, including unlocking it. The article also gives an overview of services that buy your old phone. Plus, it notes that last Friday, Apple began offering its own in-store trade-in program. You can read more on InformationWeek. It doesn't pay quite as much as other services, but you get the convenience of simply trading in your old phone when you go to buy a new one. The iMore article says a typical price for a used 16GB iPhone 5 is $250.

It's Official! Apple Announces Sept. 10 Event


Apple sent out invitations today for an event next Tuesday, Sept. 10. The colorful invitation reads, "This should brighten everyone's day." The announcement appears to confirm two rumors: that the next iPhone will launch on that date, and that Apple will launch a low-cost iPhone 5C that will come in multiple colors. Plus, the top-of-the-line iPhone 5S is expected to come in a gold or champagne color as well as white and slate.

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