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Jim Karpen holds a Ph.D. in literature and writing, and has a love of gizmos. His doctoral dissertation focused on the revolutionary consequences of digital technologies and anticipated some of the developments taking place in the industry today. Jim has been writing about the Internet and technology since 1994 and has been using Apple's visionary products for decades.

How to put your iPhone in recovery mode

The IPhone Blog has a how-to telling the steps you need to go through if your iPhone becomes completely non-responsive. It entails powering off your iPhone and then pressing and holding the home button while you connect via USB. They also have a post telling how to force quite applications.

The Japanese hate the iPhone

We're iPhone lovers here on this blog, and the iPhone is undeniably popular worldwide. But not in Japan. There the phone companies have to give the iPhone away, and even then people avoid it. Wired is reporting that the distaste comes from a calling plan that's much more expensive, and also missing functionality that's important to the Japanese, who are big on taking videos and fairly high quality photos on their phones.

Buzzwire is Digg for mobile devices


Digg, as you likely know, is the most popular of the social media sites -- that is, sites where users identify the most interesting and newsworthy tidbits, and then vote on which they like best. I check "Top in 24 hours" area of Digg many times a day to see what interesting, funny, pointed, or poignant news items, images, and videos are connecting with the popular mind.

Group planning and project management from FranklinCovey


Yesterday FranklinCovey Products released the first in a series of iPhone apps that incorporate its planning and productivity methodology allowing users to collaborate with an entire smartphone network and web-based browsers in real-time. The first of the FCMobileLife series is FCMobileife Tasks, which is a feature-rich task management tool.

Safety Button -- for emergencies


This is another what-will-they-think-of-next app. I continue to be astonished by the range of iPhone apps. Safety Button offers a big red button that will make you or your children safer when out and about. When you start the program, your iPhone starts tracing your steps on a server.

7 best websites for app reviews

MakeUseOf.com has posted a list of the 7 best sites for reviews of iPhone apps. Of course you can always read the user comments in the iTunes Store, but sometimes you might like a more detailed review. I've already covered some of these, but others are new. FreshApps is like Digg for iPhone Apps. (And if you're not already into Digg, that won't make much sense to you.)

Word processing coming to iPhone

PC Magazine is reporting that a word processing app is coming to the iPhone in the second quarter. The author of the article is pretty enthusiastic, saying that "This looks like the best word processor the iPhone has ever seen. You can create new documents, or edit existing ones." The functions will include Save, Cut/Paste, font formatting, and paragraph formatting.

Free Xumii aggregates IM services, social networks


Xumii seems ideal for those who send a lot of instant messages and frequent social networks. It allows you to see and contact all your friends across all your networks with one easy service.  That includes Facebook, MySpace, imeem, AIM, Yahoo! Messenger, Google Talk, MSN and Flickr.

iPhone still winning mindshare


An interesting short article on Silicon Alley Insider uses Google Trends to show how the iPhone continues to win the mindshare war among smartphone users. None of the other models are even close. Android is barely a blip.

Canadian company to bring current books to the iPhone

Just a couple days ago I pointed to news that Amazon might be developing an app for the iPhone that would offer the opportunity to purchase and read contemporary books in a manner similar to Amazon's Kindle e-book reader. Well, Amazon, it's too late. According to PCWorld, Shortcovers, a Canadian company, will be introducing an e-book reader later this month.

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