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Jim Karpen holds a Ph.D. in literature and writing, and has a love of gizmos. His doctoral dissertation focused on the revolutionary consequences of digital technologies and anticipated some of the developments taking place in the industry today. Jim has been writing about the Internet and technology since 1994 and has been using Apple's visionary products for decades.

LivingSocial iPhone Apps helps you find apps you like

LivingSocial iPhone Apps is an interesting website and, as I understand it, Facebook application that lets you identify your favorite apps, organize them, share them with others — and that gives you recommendations based on your favorites. According to the website, you can link your LivingSocial iPhone Apps account to Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, HI5, and Orkut. Their software places your collection on your profile. They have, amazingly, 19 million users.

i.TV, a free TV and movie guide, releases new version


i.TV (pronounced eye-dot-TV) has over 2,600 reviews on iTunes so it's certainly gotten a lot of downloads. According to the website, this free app is a TV, movie, and DVD guide for the iPhone and iPod touch that helps you discover, share, and consume media.  It gives you access to up-to-date, local TV and movie listings, as well as a catalog of over 100,000 DVD titles. i.TV users can write reviews, rate their favorite shows, and recommend shows to friends via an e-mail alert. You can also view movie trailers and television previews, purchase movie tickets, rent DVDs, manage your Netflix queue, and remotely record your favorite shows to a TiVo DVR. 

It's official: Skype coming to iPhone tomorrow


The news media are reporting that Skype will indeed be released for the iPhone on Tuesday, March 31. An interesting article in the New York Times explains that you won't be able to use Skype via your data connection because AT&T is worried that callers will use Skype rather than their voice minutes, which are more profitable for the carriers. So Apple limits Skype and other IP telephony apps to Wi-Fi. PC World has a detailed overview, including screen shots.

Great short iTunes how-to videos

Using iTunes is key to putting content on your iPhone and iPod Touch. But sometimes topics such as syncing podcasts, creating playlists, and importing CDs into iTunes can be a bit daunting for the new user. The website WonderHowTo has 122 short videos explaining how to use iTunes. The one I watched about syncing music to your iPhone and moving songs manually was quite helpful.

Skype rumored to be coming soon

CNet is reporting (read, passing along a rumor) that Skype is coming to the iPhone and iPod Touch -- possibly as early as next week. As you likely know, Skype is the most popular application for making free computer-to-computer calls. It also offers very low cost calling plans to regular phones. And it has great instant messaging and file-transfer features.

Walt Mossberg's favorite apps

Walt Mossberg, a technology writer for the Wall Street Journal, recently wrote about his favorite iPhone apps. His picks include some that we've mentioned, such as Amazon's Kindle ebok reader (free) and Google Mobile (free). Others include his favorite Twitter app, Tweetie ($3,) and the official Facebook app (free).

iPhone 3.0 may let you connect your laptop to the Internet via your iPhone


Tethering has been high on the wish list of many iPhone users — that is, using your iPhone to connect your laptop to the Internet when you're not in the range of Wi-Fi. MacRumors is reporting that a developer who is testing iPhone 3.0 accidentally brought up the tethering preference pane and successfully used it.

Great apps for saving money

CNBC has a great article listing some of David Pogue's favorite apps for saving money. They include Save Benjis ($1), an app for comparison shopping, iFare Finder ($3), which lets you find and order low-cost airfares, Amazon Mobile, a free service that lets you take a photo of a product with your phone and then sends back info such as where you can get it for the lowest price, and GasBuddy ($3), which finds the cheapest gas in your vicinity.

New Hairstyle app


Called Hairstyle, this app lets you take or load your own photo and try on 100 different hairstyles, and experiment with 53 different colors. You also get styling information as well as tips on style maintenance. There are also built-in virtual models to use. The app is $2.99. A free version, Hairstyle Lite, lets you try 6 different styles.


Kim Komando picks the best free apps


Kim Komando, who has perhaps the most popular radio program, newspaper column, and web site for computer and Internet tips, recently wrote a column about her favorite free apps for the iPhone and iPod Touch. She covers apps in a wide range of categories, including note-taking, music, cooking, backgrounds, finance, GPS, and fitness.

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