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Jim Karpen holds a Ph.D. in literature and writing, and has a love of gizmos. His doctoral dissertation focused on the revolutionary consequences of digital technologies and anticipated some of the developments taking place in the industry today. Jim has been writing about the Internet and technology since 1994 and has been using Apple's visionary products for decades.

Games 2010 — $0.99 app for following the Olympics


A few days ago I posted about the free Winter 2010 app for following the Olympics. Another option available is Games 2010, a $0.99 app that gives you up-to-the-minute news from over 30 news sources, ranging from the New York Times and ESPN to the BBC and the Associated Press. In addition, the app includes a range of other content, including pictures, videos, medal standings, latest results, TV schedules, event schedules, and interviews.

AppShopper — great website has all the features missing in the App Store


I don't know why I hadn't heard about AppShopper before. A friend sent me a link, and my initial impression is that it's one of the best websites for searching for apps. It has a number of useful features that the App Store lacks. The site seems to be a compendium of the content in the App Store. But unlike the App Store (and please correct me if I'm wrong), when you do a search, you can sort the results.

ShopNoGMO — free app helps you avoid genetically engineered food


Okay, we won't get into an emotionally charged discussion of whether genetically modified food is bad for you. But if you're inclined to think that it might be, then you might be interested in ShopNoGMO, a free app that gives you a database of hundreds of brand names in 22 food categories that are free of genetically modified content. And if you're not sure how you feel about genetically modified food, the app also has an About GMOs section that gives you more information. Also in the app is a section that offers four simple tips for avoiding GMO.

Bing Visual Search for top iPhone apps


Check out this neat Bing Visual Search for top iPhone apps.  You can sort the results in a variety of ways, such as by category or price or popularity. And in every case, the results are presented in an appealing visual fashion. If you mouse-over an app, a popup window appears with basic info such as developer and price. 

Use SD cards with your iPhone


One thing that the iPhone doesn't have that many other smartphones do is a removable storage card. The advantage of such a card, of course, is that you can store much more data on your phone than if you're limited to internal memory. However, you can now look forward to the imminent arrival of an SD card reader for the iPhone that plugs in via Apple's dock connector. The device is available for preorder from ZoomIt at the currently discounted price of $50. You can read more on Wired.

The Red Carpet — app for following the Oscars, and a chance to win $1 million


The Red Carpet ($2.99) is the app you need if you're interested in the upcoming Academy Awards. It offers up-to-the-minute awards news, film synopses, Netflix link, and film previews. PLUS, it offers you the opportunity to select your Oscar favorites, and if you correctly pick all 24 televised Oscar winners, you can win $1 million. According to the developer, this is the first ever contest of this type to be approved for Apple's App Store.

Winter 2010 — free app for following the Winter Olympics


Winter 2010 is a free app with a number of great features that give you about everything you need to follow the Winter Olympics. It gives you access to all the news and information, event schedule, and a medal tracker, which lists the countries with the most medals. A neat feature is push notifications, so you can get instant notice for winners by nation or by sport. The news feeds offer general news as well as news by sport. 


Free service may be the easiest way to make ringtones

EZ iPhone Ringtones offers a free service for making ringtones in a very simple way. Here's how it works: Step 1 - first make a recording of music or your voice or whatever (30 seconds ore less) using your Voice Memos app or the free QuickVoice iPhone app. Step 2 - From within the recording app, simply email the recording to Tones@EZIPhoneRIngtones.com. Step 3 - AFter a few minutes you will receive an e-mail with your new ringtone file attached. Step 4 - Launch iTunes on your computer and drag the tone to your iTunes “Ringtones Folder.” Step 5 - Sync your phone to iTunes.

iPad — Will 250MB per month be enough? Will it kill the Kindle?


The iPad comes with an interesting data option: prepay only, and no contract. You can choose between $14.95/month for 250MB, or $29.95 for unlimited data. Which will meet your needs? TidBITS has a great article titled "Can You Get By with 250 MB of Data Per Month?" It's an excellent discussion of how much data you might typically use, and which option might suit your needs. Plus, it helps explain the prepay option and discusses the question of what happens if you exceed your 250MB.

How to convert your DVDs to watch on your iPhone or iPod touch


I can't remember if we've blogged about this, so I thought I'd go ahead and point you to a short, very helpful article about how to convert your DVDs to watch on your iPhone or iPod touch. The article is oriented toward Mac users, and entails using the commercial RipIt software ($19.95) and the free Handbrake utility.

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