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Jim Karpen holds a Ph.D. in literature and writing, and has a love of gizmos. His doctoral dissertation focused on the revolutionary consequences of digital technologies and anticipated some of the developments taking place in the industry today. Jim has been writing about the Internet and technology since 1994 and has been using Apple's visionary products for decades.

Overview of iPhone 4 rumors


Apple will likely be announcing the next iPhone at their developers conference next month, so we don't have long to wait. But if you're impatient to know what's in the pipeline, The Next Web has put together a handy overview of what seems to be known so far about this new phone, based in part on the two ill-gotten prototypes that have surfaced in the past month. For each of the features described in the article, the author rates the likelihood that it's true on a scale of one to five.

Managing your iPad 3G data plan


If you get an iPad 3G and are faced with the choice of buying a 250MB or unlimited data plan, my advice is to go for the cheaper 250MB at $14.95 per month. If you find that you use up the 250MB in less than two weeks, and it seems like your usage will continue at about the same level, then when your 250MB runs out, go for the $29.95 unlimited.

But in every case if your 250MB lasts longer than two weeks, you're going to be better off buying 250MB at a time.

More from Macworld — 10 essential games for iPad


I'm not sure why a game would be an essential app — maybe if you're bored. But this list of 10 top iPad games from Macworld is definitely worth checking out. I couldn't resist buying Pinball HD. I'm not really into gaming, but i spend so much time having to show my iPad off to interested people that I thought this would be a good one to let them see the sort of cool things it can do. 

Saturday afternoon entertainment — silly iPhone app that actually pushes nuts off the table

Some time ago I posted about an iPhone app that can actually blow out a candle. And now the same developer has come out with Magic Mover ($0.99), which pushes things.

iWallpapers — free app offers over 15,000 images for iPhone (iPad version also available)


iWallpapers (free) was recently released and offers over 15,000 images for your iPhone or iPod touch. There's also a version for the iPad in the App Store. It includes a range of images arranged in 20 categories. You can earn points by uploading additional images and use these points to upgrade to an ad-free version as well use them for other paid apps.

Free iPad apps — nine you should have


Macworld has posted a helpful article on nine favorite free apps for the iPad. Since some of these also have iPhone versions, you may want to check this out even if you don't have an iPad.

11 Essential iPad apps — includes Air Video for streaming video to your iPhone or iPad from your computer


Macworld has a great article listing 11 essential apps for your iPad. These are all paid apps. The one that really caught my eye is Air Video ($2.99), which lets you stream video from your Mac or PC to your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. It actually converts the videos on the fly to a format compatible with your device.

Who needs Flash? See streaming video via html5 on Revision3


Apple has famously spurned Adobe's Flash technology that's used for, among other things, streaming video on the Internet. Steve Jobs doesn't like Flash and says that the new html5 standard, which is already built into the iPad, is the wave of the future. If you want to see how it works, Revision3, an Internet TV network, recently upgraded their website so that all of their streaming video uses html5 — and is therefore viewable on the iPad. They have a range of specially produced programming, including shows that review apps, HD technology and videos, computer games, movies, and a couple dozen more.

Another iPhone 4 surfaces

Earlier we covered the saga of Gizmodo's buying and showing off the forthcoming iPhone that was inadvertently lost by an Apple employee. Now a second one has surfaced in Vietnam (see embedded video in this post). One never knows if this is genuine.

Angry Birds game so popular it gets coverage in the Wall Street Journal


A game whose play involves catapulting involves catapulting birds into castles occupied by green pigs hardly sounds like the stuff of a winner. But Angry Birds ($0.99) is the top-selling game in the App Store — and so popular that it got written up in the Wall Street Journal a couple days ago. It has an astonishing 25,000 five-star ratings in the App store. It has two key components: it's fun and addictive.

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