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Jim Karpen holds a Ph.D. in literature and writing, and has a love of gizmos. His doctoral dissertation focused on the revolutionary consequences of digital technologies and anticipated some of the developments taking place in the industry today. Jim has been writing about the Internet and technology since 1994 and has been using Apple's visionary products for decades.

Who needs Flash? See streaming video via html5 on Revision3


Apple has famously spurned Adobe's Flash technology that's used for, among other things, streaming video on the Internet. Steve Jobs doesn't like Flash and says that the new html5 standard, which is already built into the iPad, is the wave of the future. If you want to see how it works, Revision3, an Internet TV network, recently upgraded their website so that all of their streaming video uses html5 — and is therefore viewable on the iPad. They have a range of specially produced programming, including shows that review apps, HD technology and videos, computer games, movies, and a couple dozen more.

Another iPhone 4 surfaces

Earlier we covered the saga of Gizmodo's buying and showing off the forthcoming iPhone that was inadvertently lost by an Apple employee. Now a second one has surfaced in Vietnam (see embedded video in this post). One never knows if this is genuine.

Angry Birds game so popular it gets coverage in the Wall Street Journal


A game whose play involves catapulting involves catapulting birds into castles occupied by green pigs hardly sounds like the stuff of a winner. But Angry Birds ($0.99) is the top-selling game in the App Store — and so popular that it got written up in the Wall Street Journal a couple days ago. It has an astonishing 25,000 five-star ratings in the App store. It has two key components: it's fun and addictive.

Amazingly cool — app will let you use your iPad as a second monitor with your computer


The Air Display app is expected to be out in a couple weeks — and it's yet another great example of the clever things that developers come up with. You'll be able to use the app on your iPad such that your iPad will function as an extra external monitor with your computer, connecting wirelessly. Initially it'll just be available for the Mac, but a PC version is in the works. I'll post again when it's released.

Anttenna — free app uses GPS to serve up classifieds based on your location


This is a cool idea. Anttenna (free) uses GPS to let you find classified listings nearby. It's built on top of Twitter and creates a mobile marketplace for exchanging goods using bite-sized Twitter-style postings they call Anttweeting. You can also chat with people who have items for sale. As always, a service like this depends on lots of people using it, but they seem to be off to a solid start. It's using state-of-the-art social networking to facilitate local exchange.

Everything you need to know about reading books on the iPad

Well, maybe I exaggerate in the subject of this post. But an article in TidBITs is an excellent source if you're at all interested in reading books on your iPad.

Android now running on iPhone 3G, and 3GS is coming

As you may know, Android is Google's very popular smartphone platform that's been rapidly adopted by carriers and manufacturers and is strongly competing with the iPhone. A couple of our bloggers, including Steve Green, posted the news when a hacker got Android running on an original iPhone in late April.

The Game Trail — free app helps you find games by showing videos of them


I first wrote about The Game Trail (free) last fall. It's now been updated, and has hit a number of milestones, including 100,000 active users and 500,000 videos served. It has video reviews/previews of thousands of games so that you can quickly find the ones you like. It's a good way of discovering games that get overlooked. 

Cinema for iPad — free streaming movies


I haven't yet tried this new app, but it sounds like an interesting idea — sort of like subscribing to a movie channel via your cable service, or going to a movie at a cinema. That's because instead of being the usual Internet model of movies on demand, Cinema for iPad has a schedule and streams movies at particular times. You pay $2.99 for the app, but the movies are free. The schedule changes frequently. You tune in when there's a movie playing that you'd like to see, whether a matinee or late-night show.

No tethering in sight for iPhone


According to PocketNow, tethering for the iPhone won't be coming anytime soon. Tethering, as you may know, lets you connect your laptop to the Internet via your cell phone's data capability. It was supposed to come not long after the iPhone 3GS was introduced, but now AT&T says that they're afraid their network wouldn't be able to handle the additional load. You can read more on PocketNow.

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