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Jim Karpen holds a Ph.D. in literature and writing, and has a love of gizmos. His doctoral dissertation focused on the revolutionary consequences of digital technologies and anticipated some of the developments taking place in the industry today. Jim has been writing about the Internet and technology since 1994 and has been using Apple's visionary products for decades.

News Corp. breaks new ground today with launch of iPad news app "The Daily"


The whole publishing industry is watching today as Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. launches their news app for the iPad called The Daily. It's an iPad-only newspaper that will be available via subscription. The press event is going on as I write this at the Guggenheim Museum, with Murdoch and Apple's vice president of Internet services sharing the stage. This has attracted attention because it's a concerted effort to translate the newspaper format to the iPad — and because in an Internet world where much content is free, this one will cost money.

#macworld2011 -- overview of cool products from TidBITS includes Movie Stiller


TidBITS has a good overview of the Macworld Expo and the coolest products, a number of them related to iOS. They highlight Movie Stiller, which I missed at the show and which sounds like an essential app if you use your phone for shooting video. If you have a shaky hand (and it's almost impossible to hold a camera still without a tripod), Movie Stiller can take any movie in your iPhone library and apply image stabilization to it.

#macworld2011 -- ZooGue case for iPad


The first day I was at Macworld, ZooGue was freely giving out their leather case to every media representative. I sometimes read on my iPad while I eat and have always just lain it flat on the table, thinking that a stand was unnecessary. But since I had the case, I tried it — and really liked it. I couldn't believe what a difference it made. The ZooGue case can also be used to mount your iPad on the back of a headrest. You can see a video demo on their website.

#Macworld2011 -- Oh the joy


The thing that strikes me the most is how much fun this Expo is. Everyone seems thrilled. The vendors are excited and passionate about their products or services, and seemingly love every minute they spend talking about them. And the attendees seem enraptured as they listen and ask questions, every bit the equal in passion. It's a quintessential marketplace, bringing together people who share common interests. Yesterday in the short time I was at our booth, I had two different developers come up to me, eager to show me their app.

#macworld2011 -- MacLife magazine announces their Macworld Expo Best of Show awards


MacLife magazine has selected their Macworld Expo 2011 MacLife Awards. On the iOS side, they picked the Dexim Visible Green Charger, which uses up to 85% less energy when in standby mode due it's automatic shutoff feature.

#macworld2011 -- Macworld magazine selects Best of Show


Today Macworld announced the 10 Macworld Expo 2011 Best of Show winners out of the hundreds of exhibitors at the Expo. You can see the list and read a short description on their website. I had the opportunity to see demos of several related specifically to iOS devices and they are indeed pretty cool.

#macworld2011 -- iOS-related stuff predominant at Expo, especially accessories


The event is called Macworld, but my impression is that over half of the booths are related to the iPhone, iPad, and iPod. Cases and stands/mounts are everywhere. Some of the booths of the accessory vendors are huge, leaving me convinced of one thing: they are making gobs of money. ZooGue was giving cases away so freely to the media that it was almost like passing out business cards. There are cases to mount your iPad on your refrigerator, on the back of a car headrest, in the palm of your hand, etc.

#macworld2011 -- Best App Ever winners announced


Yesterday at Macworld Jeff Scott of the website 148apps.com announced the winners of the Best Apps Ever competition.. This is a great opportunity for you to get a sense for great apps in dozens of categories.

#macworld2011 -- iPad supersession


Today's iPad supersession at Macworld had so much great info that it was hard to assimilate much of it. My takeaway was that my usage is at a pretty basic level. And I didn't even attend the power users session on how to use your iPad as a laptop replacement. The good news is that this is a pretty capable gadget. Here are a few things that stuck with me:

#macworld2011 -- What will happen to Apple if Steve Jobs is unable to return?


You're likely here reading this blog post because you love your iPhone or iPad or iPod. And, like other Mac lovers, you may be wondering whether Apple will be able to keep it's mojo going if CEO Steve Jobs is unable to return from his medical leave. Yesterday at the Macworld industry forum Jason Snell of Macworld magazine had some interesting insights on this. The bottom line is that Apple is now firmly in the mold of Steve Jobs.

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