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Jim Karpen holds a Ph.D. in literature and writing, and has a love of gizmos. His doctoral dissertation focused on the revolutionary consequences of digital technologies and anticipated some of the developments taking place in the industry today. Jim has been writing about the Internet and technology since 1994 and has been using Apple's visionary products for decades.

Onavo -- free award-winning app compresses data usage, saves you money


I just received a press release saying that Onavo (free for a limited time) has just won another award. This app helps you  get the most out of your data plan. It works in the background to compress your data usage so that you are effectively doubling or even tripling the amount of data usage available to you. The app is optimized for travelers, when data usage can be most expensive. Note, though, that although they're intending to add this capability, the app doesn't currently compress streaming video or VoIP usage such as Skype.

Why didn't I think of this? Vendors give guy tons of stuff while he camps out for iPhone 5


Let's say you want an iPhone 5 so bad that you're willing to camp out in front of the store to be first in line. And let's say you're British publicist Rob Shoesmith, who plans to camp put for several weeks. Why not, he asked, see what I can can reap from this. He sets a simple rule: "I cannot spend any cash whilst I'm there." So he contacts vendors to see if they'll support his stunt. And lo and behold, the booty has been riding in to the tune of $24,000 so far.

Snipper -- free app lets you broadcast videos directly from your iPhone


Snipper (free) isn't simply yet another web-based video sharing service. Rather, it's phone to phone. You use Snipper to shoot videos with your iPhone (limited to 60 seconds or less), and Snipper pushes those videos to the phones of other Snipper users that are subscribed to your channel/s. From your phone to theirs — no need for a link to a website and then streaming of the video off that site. The film is downloaded, in the background, to their devices so that once they receive notification the film is already on their device.

Great sources for free iOS apps


CNET has posted a slide show with screen shots and commentary titled "Seven great sources for free iOS apps." The slide show highlights websites and apps that clue you in to great free apps, and those that are temporarily free. The resources include websites such as AppGiveaway, which is updated daily with giveaway codes from developers, and AppShopper, which alerts you to price drops.

Woodall’s RV & Camping Copilot -- free app helps vacationers find campgrounds


Summertime is vacation time. And if you use campgrounds when you're vacationing, you'll want to check out Woodall’s RV & Camping Copilot (free). It lists more than 12,000 private and public campgrounds and RV parks in the United States and Canada, plus Mexico. It offers campground information, including amenities, services, types of campsites, on-site recreation, as well as identifying many camping discounts offered at parks. Private campgrounds also include Woodall's 5W/5W Rating System.

speedClock -- $0.99 app lets you use camera to measure the speed of objects


I like to write about novel uses of the iOS camera, and here's yet another astonishing instance: an app that lets you measure the speed of cars, boats, skaters, skiers, cyclists, running dogs, model cars, tennis serves, baseball pitches, soccer free-kicks — and anything that can be recorded by the video camera. Version 3.0 of speecClock - velocity radar ($0.99) was just released, adding the ability to measure small objects such as a tennis ball or baseball.

Apple announces 15 billion downloads on 3rd birthday of App Store


Apple announced today that over 15 billion apps have been downloaded from the App Store: “In just three years, the revolutionary App Store has grown to become the most exciting and successful software marketplace the world has ever seen,” said Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing. There are over 425,000 apps, including over 100,000 native iPad apps. The App Store launched almost exactly three years ago today. What a game-changer it's been.

Free apps to aid your movie-going


I don't usually go to movies, but while on vacation in June I had the urge. So naturally I turned to my iPad. I downloaded Movies by Flixster (free) and was astonished at how useful it was. It immediately identified my location and gave me at a glance everything I needed to know: showtimes,how well liked, links to reviews, and a map to the theater. I really wanted to see a 3-D movie, but the reception for Green Lantern wasn't so hot. I ended up seeing Super 8.

iPad news: over 100,000 apps, possible sharing of data plans with the iPhone


There are now over 100,000 apps for the iPad, including both those that are iPad-only and those Universal apps for the iPhone that are also tailored for the iPad. You can read more on MacStories.

Hot App Finder -- free app alerts you to those apps with most-improved sales


You're likely often looking to find the best apps, and what better measure than those apps that are surging in popularity in the App Store? Hot App Finder (free) alerts you to the apps whose sales have had the highest rate of increase. The information is updated 4 times a day, and you can view the app descriptions and screenshots without leaving Hot App Finder. The app polls App Stores around the world, and ranks the top 100 paid and top 100 free apps in each of the 21 App Store categories.

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