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How do I customize my video settings?

You can change the Video settings on your device to customize video playback. On the iPod touch and iPad, these are accessed from Settings >Videos, on the iPhone from Settings >iPod. You’ll see the following options:

  • Start Playing: This controls where a video starts playing after you stop it and then come back to it. You have two choices: Where Left Off or From Beginning.
  • Closed Captioning: When you slide this setting towards the ON position, you will see subtitles for TV shows and movies if they include Closed Captioning.

  • Widescreen: This setting turns on widescreen support for your TV. Great if you have a widescreen TV to play your videos.
  • TV Signal: This sets your specific TV output signal. When you play videos through your TV, you can choose between NTSC (the standard for North America and most of South America) and PAL (the standard for most countries overseas).