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Use Contacts as a simple lists database


 Contacts is designed to store individual names, phone numbers, addresses, etc. But it can be used as a simple list database to store other information. For example, if you travel a lot on business, you can keep a list of the things you need to pack in Contacts. Simply create a new Contact called TravelList and place the list of items you need to pack in the notes field of the new contact. Other potential lists you might keep in Contacts are…

  • Things to winterize in September—change oil and antifreeze, close storm windows, order firewood, etc.
  • Things to “summerize” in April
  • Things to collect for tax preparation
  • Steps involved in a particular task you do on a semi-regular basis 

You can use the Notes field in a Contacts item to store simple lists.

Of course, you can keep simple lists in Notes, but Contacts may be a better place to store the ones you want to keep around for a while. In addition, one of the limitations of Notes is that you cannot sync it with your Mac or PC. You can sync Contacts, including any lists and other information you’ve placed in a contact Notes field.

Finally, there are a number of inexpensive third-party apps designed specifically to help you create and manage lists. Go to the App Store and check out A Check List, To-Do List, Shopping List, and more. If it is important for you, be sure to check if list or database app can sync to a PC or Mac. Unfortunately, none of these can be sync’d with a PC or Mac.