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How do I zoom in a Web page?

When you open Safari and start browsing around Web pages, you'll notice that you sometimes need eagle-like vision to read what's on the screen, especially on the iPhone and iPod touch. Whatever iOS device you're using, you should learn how to zoom and scroll through pages.

  • Zoom in and out: Place two fingers on the screen and "pinch" together to zoom out and see more of the page, or slide your fingers apart to zoom in.
  • Scroll around a page: Place your finger on the page and drag the page around.
  • Scroll and zoom at the same time: Move your fingers across the page as you zoom in and out.

  • Double-tap to zoom instantly: Simply double-tap anywhere on the screen to zoom in on the area; double-tap again to zoom out.

Scroll around within frames:

Some websites have "frames" inside the page with their own scroll bars. In most cases, when you tap on a frame in Safari, it expands to its full size and eliminates the separate scroll bar. You scroll within it using the finger drag technique described above.

In some cases, however, the frame will remain embedded in the webpage with its own scroll bar. To scroll within these frames, you need to place two fingers inside the frame and drag both of them to scroll.