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How do I switch between calls?

Switch CallsYour iPhone gives you the ability to manage two separate calls and create conference calls with a few simple taps (More on Conference calls on the Making Calls section on page 38). The Phone screen options will change according to how many calls you have going.

Handle second incoming call

Switch CallsWhen you receive an incoming call while you're already on a call, the above screen is displayed, giving you the following ways to handle the second call:

  1. Tap on "Ignore" to continue with your current call and send the incoming call to voicemail.

  2. Tap on "Hold Call + Answer" to switch to the incoming call and put the current call on hold.
  3. Tap on "End Call + Answer" to end the current call and switch to the new incoming call.

You iPhone gives you different options if you have another caller on hold.

When you select "Hold Call + Answer" to switch to an incoming call and place the current call on hold, your iPhone will give you a new set of onscreen options: Merge Calls and Swap, in addition to the Mute, Keypad, Speaker and Contacts options (see above). To switch back and forth between callers, simply tap the Swap button. Your callers will be displayed at the top of your Phone screen, with the word Hold beside the contact you have on hold, and the call duration time next to the person you're talking to.