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How do I edit photos?

ArtStudio liteThe capability to edit photos isn't built into your device, but there are some fabulous third-party apps that can let you crop, morph, enlarge, and change the photo in any way you can imagine. Here are a few to try:

Free photo editing apps:

  • ArtStudio Lite (app2.me/3677). This is a very powerful app that lets you modify images with layers, brushes, tools, image galleries and much more. It includes tutorials to help you sharpen your drawing skills.
  • Photo Lab Daily (app2.me/3678). This app applies 20 image effect filters ranging from basic to fancy. It has no rotate feature, but you can do that easily enough with another app.
  • Crop for Free (app2.me/3679). If you only need to rotate and crop photos, this app does that easily and without loss of image quality.

Create powerful image transformations for free with ArtStudio Lite.

Paid photo editing apps:

  • AColor SplashrtStudio (iPhone/iPod touch version: $0.99, app2.me/2983; iPad version: $2.99, app2.me/3464). This is a very powerful app that reminds me of a mini-version of Photoshop running on your device.
  • Color Splash (iPhone/iPod touch version: $0.99, app2.me/323; iPad version: $1.99, app2.me/3662). This app lets you keep part of the image in color and turns the rest black and white. It includes video tutorials, four different brushes, and the ability to share your images via Facebook, Flickr, or Twitter.

Create dramatic image effects with the Color Splash app.