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How do I create a playlist on my iOS device?

New PlaylistUsually, you create playlists in iTunes on your Mac or PC and then sync them over to your iOS device. However, you can also create them on your device. Here's how you do it:

Create a playlist:

  1. Open the iPod app (or the Music app on the iPod touch).
  2. Tap on the Playlist icon in the bottom left corner of the screen. (On the iPad, tap on the plus symbol on the bottom left.)

  3. On the iPhone and iPod touch, tap on Add Playlist.
  4. Type in the name of your new playlist and tap on Save.
  5. Tap on each song you want to include in the playlist.
  6. When you're finished selecting songs, tap on Done in the upper right corner of the screen. Your device will take you to your new playlist.

To remove songs from or add songs to a playlist:

  1. Edit PlaylistOpen the iPod app (or the Music app on the iPod touch).
  2. Tap on the Playlist icon on the bottom left. (This step is not needed on the iPad.)
  3. Tap on the playlist you want to edit.
  4. Tap on the Edit button in the upper left portion of the screen (upper right on the iPad).

At this point, you will see the songs in your playlist with the option to delete indicated by a small red circle with a white line in the middle. To delete, tap on the red circle next to the song name. To add songs, tap on the "+" sign at the top left of the screen (or the Add Songs button in the upper right on the iPad). Then, tap on the songs you want to add.

You can add and remove songs from your playlist with a snap.