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How do I enable and disable push notification alerts?

Many apps can receive messages and other data via push notifications. (Note that you have to be connected via Wi-Fi or a phone network to receive them.) You are made aware of these via sound and text alerts and “badges” (small colored objects in the upper right corner of an app icon that indicate the number of notifications received). Say you don’t want to be bothered by these notifications. You can turn any, or all of them off. Here’s how.

  1. NotificationsGo to Settings >Notifications.
  2. To turn off all notifications, flip the ON/OFF button at the top of the screen to the OFF position.

  3. To turn OFF notifications for individual apps, tap on the arrow icon to the left of the desired app.

  4. Flip the ON/OFF buttons for Sounds, (text) Alerts, and Badges.

The Settings >Notifications screen lets you enable or disable push notification alerts.