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How do I use folders to organize my apps?

iPhone, iPod touch, iPad

The Folder's feature was added to iOS 4.0 to make it easier for users to organize and find their apps quickly. For example, if someone loves games, they can create a "Games" folder and place all of their games in it. If they have a lot games, they can create folders for each type (Card Games, Puzzle Games, Racing Games, etc.). Working with folders is easy.

Create a folder:

  • Folder ContentsGo to your Home screen (or one of the additional Home screens if you have third-party apps installed).

  • Hold down on an app icon with your finger until the icons start to jiggle.
  • Drag the icon on top of another icon and hold it there until a thick black bar appears beneath the new folder icon displaying the two apps in the folder and the default name assigned to the folder.

Change folder name:

  • You can change the folder name when you create the folder by tapping on the folder name field and entering a new one.
  • You can change the name of an existing folder by holding down on the folder icon until it starts jiggling, tapping once on the jiggling folder to open it, and entering a new name in the folder name field. Press the Home button to accept the change.

Move or delete folders:

Folders are displayed as icons and behave as icons on the Home screen.

  • You can move them around on the screen or between screens by holding down on the folder icon until it jiggles and then dragging it where you want it.

  • To delete a folder on your iOS device, hold down on it until in jiggles, tap on it to display the contents of the folder, and drag the individual app icons out of the folder.

It’s easier to use iTunes to work with folders

It’s easier to use iTunes to create and name folders as well as delete and move them. Simply connect your iOS device to your computer, wait until iTunes is finished syncing, select your device, and go to the Apps tab. You can use your mouse instead of your finger to perform all of the folder-related actions. MINOR DIFFERENCE: On your iPad, when you move all but one of the app icons out of the folder, the folder disappears and the remaining app appears on the screen. When you're working in iTunes, you have to drag all of the icons out of the folder to eliminate it.