iPhone Life magazine

March-April 2011

Magazine Issues

Volume 3 Issue 2

Regular Departments

From the Editor: A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats
Social Media Report
Using Social Media apps for Customer Service
iView: My iPhone Stops Working at CES
To the Rescue: Blood Pressure Monitoring and Full Body Massage!

iOS Devices

The Next-Gen iPad
With a slew of new tablets hitting the market, will Apple's latest version of the iPad keep it on top?
Verizon iPhone
To switch or not to switch… that is the question.

Apple's Innovative Evolution

How Apple is facing the "innovator's dilemma"


Tips for iOS
Hidden features that make the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad more powerful


iTunes in Focus

Using "Tags" to Control Your iTunes Music


Amazing Camera Apps
Add barcode readers, augmented reality, fax, language translation, heart rate monitor, and more to your iPhone or 4th gen iPod touch
Turn your iPad into a Modern, Mobile Planetarium
Mac Games Gone Mobile
4 Great games that started on the Mac and made their way to the iOS platform
Monitor your Data Usage
Kansas City Art Museum Adopts the iPod touch for Tours

Apps Expand Museum Horizons

Museums are adopting iOS apps to provide visitors with a more immersive and enjoyable experience.


Accessories for Special Needs
These accessories optimize the iPad for special needs users
Home Automation
Wireless home automation accessories and apps put you in control of your home environment
Power Grab
A look at some top energy accessories for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad
Power and Innovation on Display at CES 2011!


Why You'll Like Apple's Cloud Computing


Backpacking in South America
From the depths of the Amazon Rain Forest to heights of Machu Picchu, the iPhone comes in handy!
Using the iPhone 4 at Sea
Rapidly evolving changes in electronic navigational systems
Writing and Publishing to Blogs from the iPad

From brainstorming to publishing, the iPad excels as a serious writing machine.
Secret Pleasures of iReading
The iPhone, iPad, and eBook reader apps have changed the way we read


Barcode Scanners
Apps and accessories that turn your iPhone into a portable scanner
Using the iPad to Sell Iron
Apple’s new iPad has technology-lovers buzzing—
but salespeople should also take heed
Your Pocket Sales Coach
Apps that turn the iPhone into a powerful, personal, real-time sales coach
The Inevitability of the iPhone in the Enterprise
Welcoming Change While Protecting the Enterprise
Enterprise Mobility Overhaul: Lessons Learned
Can your iPhone Run a Database App?
FileMaker Go makes it possible

Creating Apps

Parents Develop App to Care For Autistic Son

iBiomed helps them to manage medications, nutrition, health information, etc.
TED's iPad App:
Q&A with app developer Matt Drance
App Marketing Secrets: Strategies That Work
Overcoming real-life marketing challenges