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iPad Car Mount

The market for iPad car mounts is growing.  Although car mounts are primarily made for other devices (like the iPhone), iPad car mounts are being manufactured.  There are several different types and each has their own advantages and disadvantages.

With the rapid ascent of tablet popularity, headrest mounts are quickly becoming a means to convert an iPad into an inexpensive, high-end in-car entertainment system. Getting a bracket that is durable, reasonably priced and firmly holds the iPad in place can be a challenge.  One option is the Arkon Headrest Mount.  It is a perfect example of durability meets practicality.  The mount comes in two parts and you can keep the iPad in the case at all times and attach it directly to the mount when needed.  Although it does not allow for anyone in the front two seats to use it, this type of car mount is best sooted for the passengers in the back.  To get the mount attached, you only need to slide the headrest rodes through the mounts base piece.  This is much better than just clamping it to the headrest rod, like other headrest mounts on the market, because it gives a more secure hold on your iPad as the car moves.  Other mounts, like the Bracketron Universal Headrest Tablet Mount, due offer another feature that other mounts do not.  That is the feature of twisting the tablet vertically to allow for more comfortable typing.

Perhaps you are the driver and you want to be able to view your device for it's GPS feature.  Finding a safe and practical holder is important.  The iPhone Life Magazine Store would be a perfect place to search for what you may need.  There are several models that allow you to either mount the iPad onto the windshield or to the dashboard.  Depending upon what kind of vehicle you own, the dashboard mount may be better than the windshield mount.  Either way, you may still not be fully satified because the entire thing may block your field of vision while driving due to the large size of your iPad.  In that case, you may want to get a mount like the Ram Pod I.  It will attach to the passenger seat rail without you having to screw any holes into your car.  This would keep your field of vision free, but may put the iPad in a more difficult position for viewing.  A forth option would be a cup holder mount.  There aren't many on the market, but may better suit your needs.

What ever type you decide would make your driving experience more enjoyable, an iPad car mount is out there for you.