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iPhone Life Blogger's Choice Awards: Best Apps of 2014


We know you've come to rely on the bloggers at iPhoneLife.com for helpful reviews of all the best offerings in the App Store. With over 1 million apps for your iPhone and over 475,000 apps for your iPad, deciding which apps to download can be overwhelming. That's why we asked all of our bloggers to vote for their favorite apps released or updated in 2014. Here are their top two apps in each of six categories!

Apple News: A Tale of Two Megacorporations


For an interesting take on how two massively successful corporations operate, just take a look at Microsoft and Amazon. Both companies offer apps that rely upon users buying a subscription. When Microsoft released their Office suite for the iPad, they made it free, but users needed to buy an Office 365 subscription to access premium features. Amazon just bought the comic book reading app Comixology which also lets users buy and subscribe to new comic releases using the app. This is where the similarities end. 

Rich Dad Poor Dad - Financial Advice in a Well-Executed App!


Self improvement and self help apps/books are legion in the app store. Typically an array of boiled-down quotes or ideas (from some guru's book) arranged in course-like tabulated views. Boring squared is usually my first impression. In contrast, the Rich Dad Poor Dad app powered by Clutch brings fresh presentation and snappy interface features to the old self-help saw...

E-Book Price Fixing: What, if Anything, did Apple do Wrong?


Apple recently filed an appeal over a federal court ruling that condemned the software giant for colluding with publishers to fix prices of eBooks sold through the iBooks web store. The ruling decrees monitoring of future practices and a breaking of those contracts with publishers that include price point agreements. The company is denying any wrongdoing in the case, steadfastly driving forward on an appeal that several experts have stated will be hard to win. It is also somewhat brow raising that publishers have already agreed to take their medicine and put the nasty business behind them by settling their cases. Apple CEO Tim Cook described the case as "bizarre," and e-mails sent by Steve Jobs were even dredged up during the case proceedings. What, if anything, did Apple do wrong? Read on to hear my ruling in the case...

What I Read this Week - Great Scott Sigler Reads on iBooks!


If you love great science fiction with a fantastic plot, world-building menagerie, and a breadth and depth of alien life forms that are nothing less than astonishing, you should read Scott Sigler. If you love sports of any kind (particularly football), you also should read Scott Sigler. If you wonder if you could ever enjoy stories combining these seemingly unconnected genres (sports and sci-fi), you can and you will if you read... Scott Sigler's Galactic Football League series of ebooks! Read on for a full breakdown!

Passover Haggadah App: Take Charge of Your Seder!


Passover is quickly approaching — beginning the evening of March 25 — and if you'd like to take charge and customize your Seder, the ritual feast, you have a great new option if you own an iPad or iPad mini. Passover Haggadah ($6.99) from Ribui is an immensely customizable app that lets you create a virtual Haggadah with exactly the prayers and commentary you want.

Apple Launches iBookstore in Japan, Enhances iBooks



Apple announced the launch of the iBookstore in Japan this week, now available in a total of 51 countries. This is an important move for Apple, following the December 2012 holiday season when Google's Nexus 7 reportedly outsold Apple's iPad in Japan, lowering Apple's share of the tablet market.

Breakout Books: Apple Offering Low-Cost and Free Books


Apple added a new section to its iBookstore called Breakout Books Tuesday. It features self-published books, which are typically lower priced than those from traditional publishing houses. And there are a number of free titles — typically the first title in a fiction series.

FREE Science Fiction from Tor - Did I mention it is FREE?


Register and subscribe to the Tor.com email newsletter (if you like Sci-Fi, Fantasy, scary stuff, etc.). Just do it now. The email notifies often of free stories posted up to their web site (many of which turn into 99 cent downloads on iTunes), and tons of insider info, just plain cool news updates on all things freakie, weird or otherwise even remotely SFF-related. They have made the best of 2012 completely FREE! That's right, the best of 2012 short fiction all wrapped up nicely in a late (or early, depending how you view it) Christmas ebook present! Get it here...

What I read this week - The Rookie, and Parolisse!


I read two very different sources of inspiration this week... First, Parolisse is a study reference to help one drill down into the Bible. The app includes several translations and supporting material to help you understand practically any Bible topic. Next up is The Rookie: an amazingly cool story of a rookie QB starting his first season in the Galactic Football League. To simply state that The Rookie blends Sci-Fi yarn-spinning and football together (admittedly a weird mix) is akin to stating the Taj Mahal is but yet another ornately decorated building. The story just freakin ROCKS! If you are a hater of either football or science fiction, The Rookie might just convert you to both in one fell swoop...! No exaggeration... 

Best iPad Books, Books for iPad

The best iPad books are always the ones that capture our imagination and induce emotions.  Whether you love to read up on Gaming on iOS Devices, teaching your kids how to read or just want to buy the best iPad books; we can help you to see what is out there.  There are innumerable books for iPad and apps that have stated to take over the digital world, so how do you choose the ones that are right for you?  

If you are a parent who loves to read to your kids or simply want your child to fall in love with reading, there are incredible apps developed for this.  Based on the high demand for virtual books; My Grandma Reads Me Books App is definitely fitting the profile as one of the top featured.  The choices and options can keep a child busy all day with an additional effect on learning the love for reading.  The main page gives all of the choices including a virtual reading of the book named after the app.  However, other options include a virtual coloring book, mazes, and even a recording technique to record your voice narrating the same book. 

Other books for iPad that may also entice your kids are Misty Island Rescue and Cozmo's Day Off.  The developers of Misty Island Rescue did a superb job of turning this Thomas & Friends story into an iPad app.  Unlike other apps where developers have cut out pieces of the original artwork and then applied some very cheesy animations to them, this app was done right.  The illustrations are beautiful and true to the original story.  The animations are unique, smooth, and very natural looking.  No cut, paste and animate here.  On every page, there's something new to entertain the reader: eyes blinking, smoke puffing, and a helicopter flying across the screen.  When the reader touches an object, he or she hears realistic sound effects such as a flock of geese honking, rocks crashing, or a foghorn blasting out a warning to the ships.

Cozmo's Day Off demonstrates that Ayars Animation knows what kids like.  It features awesome graphics, interesting sound effects and fun interactions, making it enjoyable for both children and parents.