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Hal Goldstein (hal @ iphonelife.com) is the founder, partner, and Senior Editor of  iPhone Life. Hal founded Thaddeus Computing in May 1985, and remains CEO (www.thaddeus.com). Since its inception, Thaddeus Computing has written about, bought, and sold pre-owned mobile computers. Hal lives in Fairfield, Iowa, with his wife and co-founder, Rita.

How to Use your iPhone to Apply Success Principles


About 40 years ago, I read Napoleon Hill’s timeless classic, Think and Grow Rich (Kindle version $ 0.99). Hill interviewed hundreds of turn of the century magnates such as Andrew Carnegie and Thomas Edison to discover what makes people successful. Hill’s books, as well as other “success literature," had significant influence in my subsequent success as an entrepreneur and magazine publisher. Having a clear intention, committing to it, and persisting are fundamental themes in most success literature. 

In my recent May/June 2013 iPhone Life magazine iView column, I wrote about a lecture on Steve Jobs and a course I taught on consciousness and entrepreneurship at Maharishi University of Management. After reading the column, Oscar Andermo reached out to me. 

Evernote — the 'Getting Things Done' Software Solution?


In iView—my inside, back-cover column in iPhone Life magazine—I discuss David Allen’s “Getting Things Done” organizational and time management scheme in the July/August 2013 issue. In the article, I briefly summarize Allen’s thinking and suggest iPhone, iPad, Mac, and PC software to best implement it. Since writing the article, I’ve settled on Evernote (free), and am quite pleased with it.

Here, I will post much of the article and will add more information about Evernote. If you would like to comment and add knowledge from your experience with the software, that would be great.

Apple to buy Sprint - Jobs takes control of another piece

We just got word that Apple will buy Sprint. Doing so solves a lot of problems for both Apple and Sprint. It allows Apple and Jobs to gain further control to help create a great user experience. Read the interesting details of this special April 1 day announcement with comments from AT&T and Verizon.

iPhone Life magazine App V.2 for iPhone and iPad

If your enjoy the posts here at iPhoneLife.com, are interested in iOS news, and like the articles in iPhone Life magazine, you'll appreciate v.2 of the "iPhone Life magazine" free app!  The same Free App is optimized for the iPhone and the iPad viewing

Miami business-user and Petaluma, CA end-user Apple events

If you are in the Miami or Bay area, check out these events and pick up a copy of iPhone LIfe magazine.
The first ever Apple Business Expo & iPad/iPhone Zone will take place in Miami Florida on Wednesday September 29, 2010 at the Hilton Downtown Miami Conference Center. This event is free with lunch included for all business owners that use Apple Mac’s, iPhones, & iPads for their day to day business. Over 50 manufacturers & developers from all over the world will showcase their business solutions to the Apple industry. Door Prizes All Day – Free Gifts, Software, Printers & Gift Cards !

Really enjoy reading on iPhone 4

I actually got an iPhone 4, yesterday, a day early due to some lucky mail fluke. Today I tried FaceTime with blogger Todd Bernhard. Todd will probably write about it here and/or in our next issue. I also used the flash in the camera. I liked both features, although both have a ways to go. However, what I was most impressed with based on what I will get the most use of is the ebook reading experience.

iOS 4 For iPhone Expected today

It is likely that Apple will release iOS4 for the iPhone today, perhaps around 10 PST. iTunes will update you automatically on the date listed in Summary. To proactively update your iPhone, in iTunes click on your iPhone (under Devices on left column). Then in Summary screen click "Check for Update".

The feature I am most looking for is folders. That will allow me to place icons for all my iPhone Apps on the iPhone . The other feature I look forward to, multi-tasking, will evolve in its usefulness overtime, as developers conform to iOS4 API.

Nokia vs. Apple


No, this is not about Nokia’s suits against Apple for patent infringement. (I think the end user is the loser in most such legal battles.) Rather this brief essay is about Apple and Nokia’s approach to innovation.

Apple iAd lucky day: FTC blocks Google + AdMob


Wow. Less than 24 hours after Apple announced what looks like a very innovative Mobile Advertising program, iAd, the FTC. blocked the Google AdMobe merger! Here are details. This certainly is Apple's golden time. 

Microsoft prototype of 2-panel tablet rivals iPad


I am REALLY liking my Apple iPad. In fact owning an iPad made my mouth water for the Microsoft Courier. You can see some great demos of a prototype or the 2-panel Microsoft Courier at Engadget. The Courrier is more business oriented rather than for the consumer.

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