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Turn Your iPad into a Netbook

Don't get too excited. This is not due out until later this year.  The Clamcase turns your iPad into a Netbook. The case protects your iPad and includes a Bluetooth keyboard.  The case allows you to view your iPad in various positions, though it needs to be in landscape to use the keyboard. Check it out at clamcase.com

Gifting Hits the App Store

Your holiday shopping just got a whole lot easier.  The App Store has started to let you gift apps to other people.  Right next to the "Buy App" button, there is a downward pointing triangle. If you click on it, a pop-up appears and "Gift This App" is one of the choices. Clinking on it will bring up a screen where you can fill out who's sending the gift, who's getting the gift and their email address. You can even include a personal message. Developers now have another way to sell their apps. 

iPad Sesson at Macworld

Saturday was the day of the much-awaited iPad session at Macworld. The huge room was packed to capacity in hopes of catching a glimpse of it. The excitement was palpable. Unfortunately, the star never made an appearance. Probably off filming in some exotic location, I guess.

At Macworld: Yapper- Create Your Own Apps

Today I got to speak with Chirantan (Chintu) Parikh, CEO ( or Yapper Chief as he calls himself) of SachManya LLC. His company has developed a way that allows you to create your own mobile apps for your company or website.  Simply by going to their site, you follow 4 steps, fill in your information, and your app is done. 

At Macworld: AutoPark App- No More Tickets

If you've run up hundreds of dollars of parking tickets, you need this app.  The app sets up an alarm to warn you when your time is almost up at your parking meter. That alone could save you some big bucks, but the app does so much more. You can find where you parked your car using GPS markers. If you're in a parking garage, you can input your level and section.

At Macworld: FastTrac App for Your trip to Disneyland

If you're looking for a way to make the most efficient use of your time at Disneyland, this is your app.  The app contains comprehensive information about every ride there.

At Macworld: iTouch Gloves Keeps Your Hands Warm and Lets You Use Your iPhone


How many times have you been out in the cold and had to remove a glove to use your iPhone or iPod touch? There have been several vendors at Macworld that are showing winter gloves that allow you to use your iPhone or iPod touch without having to take off your gloves and risk frostbite.  iTouch Gloves has taken the concept to a whole new level.

itouch Gloves has produced a line of high fashion gloves for men and women that are of the highest quality. Just one look and you know these are not ordinary gloves.  They are elegant and make a fashion statement. While not inexpensive (they range from about $100 to $200 a pair), if quality and style are important to you, these fit the bill.

I was able to speak with Jerry Leto, the man who developed the material that allows these gloves to work on touch screens.  He saw a need and decided to create a fabric that was both functional and elegant. He showed his fabric to one of the early developers of touch screens and was told that it wouldn't work. He proved him wrong.

Now you can keep your hands warm, be fashionable and still use your iPhone. www.iTouchGloves.com

At Macworld: INRIX Traffic Cuts Down on Downtime

INRIX TRAFFIC! was given the Macworld 2010 Best of Show award.  This isn't your normal navigation app.  It's used to predict your travel time on your normal routes based on real-time and historic data. It lets you know when to leave to reach your destination at your desired time.

At Macworld: SkyGazer iPhone App

I got a chance to look at and talk to the developer of the StarGazer and StarVoyager iPhone apps at Macworld today.  These are amazing apps for those who are interested in the nighttime sky.  The company took the essentials of their desktop astronomy applications and adapted them for the iPhone. 

At Macworld: Great accessories for Your iPhone and iPod touch


Yes, that's a guy with an Apple logo balloon hat.  It was one of the amazing sights at Macworld. I have never seen so many people in one place. It makes you wonder if anyone is using PC's anymore.  iPhones and Macbooks were everywhere. People were actually apologizing for not having an iPhone.

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