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At #CES: Hat TV: Watch Videos in the Privacy of Your Own Hat

You come across many interesting sights as you wonder through the halls during CES, but I have to say TV Hat has to be one of the more unusual.  The hat looks like a baseball cap with a very long brim. There is a flap of cloth that extends downward around the brim. At the end of the flap is a pocket for your iPhone or iPod touch.

At #CES:OtterBox Reflex Series Cases for the iPhone

OtterBox announced the addition of the Reflex Series of cases for the iPhone at CES this week.  OtterBox is known for cases that provide industrial strength protection for your iDevice.  The new series features “crumple zones” which the company says provides better protection in a lighter form factor.  The bottom of the case slides off easily to allow dock connections, a first for Ott

At #CES: Cobra Radar Detector and iRadar iPhone App -- Constant Updates of Active Radar

Cobra, a leading name in radar detection products, has come up with a radar detector, that when connected to your iPhone via Bluetooth, provides constant updates of current, active radar and cameras in the area in which you are driving. Information is downloaded to your iPhone through the iRadar app on your phone when new information is available about surveillance areas.

At #CES: DRY CASE Waterproof Cases for the iPhone and iPad

Now you can swim and scuba with your iDevice with products from Dry Case.  They provide waterproof, airtight, plastic, see-through cases that still allow your device to function as normal underwater. The cases are really amazing and easy to use. Simply put your device into the case, use the section bulb that comes with it to remove the air, and you are all set.

SCOTTEVEST Saves the Day at #CES!


I'm loaded up and ready to go to the first day of CES. CES is a powerhouse of a conference so I wanted to make sure I was prepared for everything. Here is a list of everything I needed to bring:

Voice Commands for the iPhone


Did you know you can ask your iPhone for the time of day? I often forget about using Voice Command on my iPhone. It's a great way to use the iPhone in a hands-free situation.  It is especially useful while driving or when you need one of your hands free to do something else.  Below is a list of commands you can use.


Commands for making a call:

“Call”/”dial” plus name or telephone number

Command for use with the iPod function

“Play”/”Play music”.

“Play playlist” plus playlist name.

“Play playlist gym songs”.

“Play album” plus name.

Navigon is 1 Year Old and You Get the Present


Navigon AG, the company behind the highly rated iPhone GPS navigation app, NAVIGON MobileNavigator, announced that it would be reducing prices of its different versions by 50% in honor of its 1st birthday.  This represents a significant savings over the regular price. However, these prices are good only until August 15th They also announced the addition of a new version which covers just the United States.

The Study: How People Are Using the iPad


Mashable is reporting the results of a study of how and who is using the iPad. The study was conducted by Resolve Market Research. There is some surprising information in the post.

Basically, the report lists the following:

While only 28% of the people who bought the iPad bought it for gaming, once purchased 38% said that they have no intention of buying another gaming device.

The iPad has had the biggest impact on e-readers. (We sort of knew that was coming!)

37% of the people who bought the iPad are new to Apple products.  If things go in a similar fashion as the iPod, Apple stands to sell lots of products to these new users.

YouTube Abandoning the iPhone Ship?


In an article in the upcoming issue of iPhone Life magazine, the author discusses the decision developers have to make as to whether their app should be native to the iPhone or Web-based.  It seems there are definite advantages to having a Web app since it becomes global rather than specific to a platform. Well, it seems YouTube has made the decision to go global.

iPod touch Owners Might Want to Think Twice About Upgrading to iOS 4

Todd Bernhard, one of my fellow bloggers here at iPhone Life magazine, recently posted an entry about upgrading the iPhone 3G to iOS 4 and some of the resulting issues.  You can read that blog HERE.  I just received an e-mail from one of our readers warning about upgrading the iPod touch to iOS 4 as well.  He wrote:

"I recently updated an ipod touch 3g to Apple’s latest software revision for the iphone/ipod.  What a mess-  short battery life, difficult to sync with Outlook, applications not working, wifi weak if at all,…

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