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At Macworld: Thiphone Thigh Mount for Your iPhone


I've seen lots of iPhone and iPod touch mounts here at Macworld but this is one of the more unusual.  It's a mount that you place on your thigh called a Thiphone (accent mark over the i).  It has a suction cup for your device While it may seem a bit odd at first, it really has many uses. If you commute and want a stable place for your iPhone, just stick it on and go.  It's really handy for frequent flyers, the disabled, and private pilots who need to have their iPhone near them at all times.  They cost $24.95 and can be  bought through their website www.thiphone.com

Great Videos from CES, Part 1


CES 2011 was a showcase for all that's new in the world of consumer electronics. While Apple did not make an appearance, the iOS presence was everywhere. iPhone Life was there blogging and taking video of what we thought was exciting for the iOS user. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video must be worth a million. To that end, we are devoting this issue to the videoblogs that we have uploaded to our YouTube channel, iPhonelifemagazine. Click the links following the entries to view the videoblog.

At #CES: Surc iPhone Case and Remote

This morning, while walking the halls of CES before the start of the show, I came across a booth that appeared to have a really neat product. The booth was manned by a senior gentleman who tried to explain the product to me but said that I should wait for his daughter who developed the product. He was very proud of his daughter and after seeing the product in use, he should be.

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