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Review: JHAudio JH 16 Pro In Ear Monitors



Wow!  I have a confession to make.  For the last 38 years, I lived a lie.  I told everyone I knew that I enjoyed listening to music.  Now, I can tell you the truth.  I never actually heard music before I started using the JH16-Pro in ear monitors.  To be fair, this was not an intentional lie.  I just had no idea what I was missing.  Now I do…and I do not think I will ever hear music the same way again.  Jump in with both feet and hang on for a wild ride through the JHAudio’s signature custom in ear monitor.

Quick Look: ColorSwing


All you need to do is match the colors on the rotating tube.  That’s it, just spin the rings on the cylinder, like a codex, in order to match the colors and remove them.  Sounds pretty cool, and a bit on the unique side to me, so I was happy to take a look when the developers offered to send over a copy for review.

Quick Look: Shakespeare Pro


When I got my iPad earlier this month, I had an idea that I would be using it to revive this space a bit.  And really, what better way to reintroduce my writing in this space than one of history’s greatest writers, Shakespeare.

Kindle 2+Stanza = ????


All I can say is…WOW.  And maybe what does this all mean?  Caught this one compliments of Twitter (something else I never thought I would say) but it comes to us via Mike Cane.  Most of you, by now, are well familiar with the Kindle 2, Amazon’s personal eBook reader.  And an awful lot of you are familiar with the iPhone eBook reader, Stanza, which had been the brainchild of Lexcycle.  I have long felt that Stanza was the best and most versatile eBook reader available for the iPhone. 

Quicklook: Time to Check Out Emerald Chonometer


I have always loved fancy watches like Rolex and Omega.  I can remember days of walking through the mall just staring at the watch display in the jewelry store (back when I actually got to visit my own stores).  The problem was, while it was always free to look, taking home one of those fancy watches always cost thousands of dollars.  And I have never found myself at a point where that would make sense.  Maybe someday.  But in the meantime, my lust for watches can now be fed, through the magic of the iPhone and Emerald Chronometer.


Mastersoft Seeking Beta Testers

One of my good friends in the Windows Mobile community is Dom Masters, owner of Mastersoft Mobile Solutions.  He has made some phenomenal mobile games, including one of the few good mobile versions of Kakuro.  For some time, Mastersoft has talked about bringing their offerings over to the iPhone, and that transition is finally starting to happen.  Although it is still in the very early Alpha stages, Mastersoft is hard at work bringing both Sudoku and Kakuro to the iPhone and iPod Touch.  So…what does this have to do with you?  Well, a game (or games) this big need t

Mission iPossible: Scouring the iTunes App Store and Bringing You The Best Of What We Find.


Hi, everyone.  Welcome to my new space here at iPhone Life.  I just wanted to take a minute to let you all know what I am hoping to do in this space.  

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