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Quick Look: iSwifter Flash Video Fools Gold



Flash video and the iPad work together about as well as Karl Marx and a Capitalist market. Or something like that. Since the dawn of time (early 2010 according to Steve Jobs) man has struggled to find an end to this conundrum, by finding a way to display Flash content on the iPad. Various entrants have attempted this feat, but none has been able to seamlessly play Flash video while browsing. The latest entrant to attempt to end this struggle comes to us from iSwifter.

Here is what iSwifter promises from within the app, “full-featured Flash web browsing.” A pretty bold claim, if you ask me. Let’s see how well it holds up under scrutiny.

Quick Look: Atomic Ball HD



I have always been a fan of brick breaking games, ever since the good old days of playing Breakout and Arkanoid on consoles like the Atari 2600 and my original Apple II+.  Since that time, I have enjoyed watching this genre develop and grow into a more sophisticated arcade platform.   As such, I was absolutely thrilled when we were contacted not long ago by the developers of the latest entrant into this genre, Atomic Ball HD.  The developers were kind enough to send along a copy of the game for me to check out, so let’s go ahead and dive right into it.

How To Photograph An Atomic Bomb



Nuclear weapons hold a somewhat unique attraction in our society.  They are at the same time the most destructive force imaginable, and yet many of us are drawn to it, not unlike moths to a light bulb.  I have always been simultaneously drawn to and repulsed by nuclear weapons, and so I was intrigued by the iPad ebook, How To Photograph An Atomic Bomb, which takes you up close and personal with atomic weapons, and even takes you behind the scenes in some of the efforts to record and film nuclear explosions.

Quick Look: Manuscript for iPad



I have been writing, in one form or another, since I was in seventh grade.  In that time, I have been convinced that there has always been a best selling novel inside me, just waiting to be discovered.  Sadly, after numerous false starts, it has yet to be found.  Which is where Manuscript can help.  No, this app will not write the book for you…but it will do pretty much everything else as you progress through the creative process.

Quick Look: Medieval HD



I spend a lot of time every day riding the train….a lot of time.  As in, two hours a day, each way.  That is quite a bit of time to spend alone with my iPad…and the iTunes App Store.  So, anytime I come across some kind of hidden gem in the app store, I like to take a minute to share it here with our readers.  Not long ago, I came across Medieval HD, a truly gorgeous take on the tower defense genre.  A few emails later, and the fine folks at Brisk Mobile were kind enough to send along a copy of the full version of the game for review.

Quick Look: Instant Lyrics



Stop me if you have heard this one before.  You are driving in the car or taking a shower, or just about anywhere else where you typically sing along to music.  Your favorite song comes on the radio and you start singing along…badly, of course.  Somewhere around the third verse, you lose track of the words and just starting mumbling or whistling along.  Worse yet, you sing something along the lines of what you wish the words might have been.  The whole time, you keep thinking to yourself, oh if only I knew the words to this one.  Now, with the iPad…there is (finally) an app for that.

Saddleback Leather for Mobile Devices. Protect Your iPad or iPhone In Style.



I have a lot of friends who really get into the quality of the leather in their bags and cases.  I have to admit that I have never been one of those people.  Sure, I like a nice looking case just as much as anyone, but for me, it is generally much more about function than form.  Unlike the old Saturday Night Live sketch, Fernando, I think it is better for a case to work well than look nice.  Which is why I was so taken aback by how drawn to Saddleback leather I was the first time I saw images of their bags on the Internet.  One look and I knew I had to check this out.

Quick Look: ESPN Pinball HD



I have always been a bit of a Pinball Wizard.  Something about the lights and sounds as that tiny metal ball goes pinging off the obstacles, racking up points.  It always seemed a bit magical to me.  As the digital age dawned, my love of pinball jumped with me to my laptop, as I discovered the fantastic pinball app which used to come prepackaged with Microsoft Windows Plus, among others.  Now, pinball has made its way to the iPad with ESPN’s sport’s themed (would you expect anything less) pinball app.

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