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Quick Look: Jack of All Tribes


  I have always been a fan of G5 Entertainment.  They make some of the best puzzle games I have played on the iPad, so I was pretty excited to learn that they were about to release an all new game, Jack of all Trades.  This one promised to be a bit different than many of G5’s previous offerings.  In this one, you play Jack, who is about to go on the ride of his life when an amusement park ride takes him over a waterfall into a prehistoric land.  In this “Land of the Lost”, you are fortunate enough to have a guide in your newfound friend, Rainbow.  She will help you understand the relationships b

The Game's The Thing!


Games.  iPad.  Ipad.  Games.  As they say, this is another of those chocolate and peanut butter moments.  The two go together so well, most other gaming systems were rendered nearly obsolete by the quantity and quality of games available for the iPad.  So many games, in fact, that a reviewer like me struggles to keep up.  Looking through the apps on my iPad, I noticed quite a few games on my device which I have not had the opportunity to share, but many of which are well worth a look.  The great thing about these games is that there is something here for everyone.  Quick, single screen games, long term adventure games, puzzle games, board games, and everything in between.  So, without further adieu, here is a quick overview of some of th

The Scrabble-Dabble War of the Words With Friends Extravaganza. A Closer Look at Crossword Puzzle Word Games


Otarine.  Latrine.  Ratline.  Taurine.  Reliant.  What do all of these words have in common (besides being seven letters long)?  Well, if you are a fan of the latest craze of crossword puzzle games, then these are all words you are going to want to commit to memory.  Most of you are probably familiar with the classic board game, Scrabble.   Up to four players can participate in a game, which starts with an assortment of lettered tiles being distributed to each player.   The tiles are each assigned a number value, which denotes the number of points you will receive for using it to form a word.  Earn point

Review: Pinch 2 HD...This Is The Game You Have Been Waiting For


A few months ago, I received an offer to check out a sneak preview of a new game, Pinch HD.   Well, to be fair, it was not an entirely new game, but an iPhone game being rewritten for the iPad.  Right off the bat, I was impressed.  The game was an original and intriguing, but lacked a bit of polish.  As such, I was excited to see the finished product, which turned out to suffer from interminable delays.  I emailed with the developers, but they had little information, about when the game would actually find its way to the App Store.  Fast forward about two months, and the game has finally arrived in the iTunes App

Replacing Tumi: Tales From The Trenches Of My Commute. Part II -- The Skooba Design iPad/Netbook Messenger Bag


Welcome to part 2 of my new briefcase review.  As you will recall, my Tumi briefcase was quickly disintegrating, leaving me badly in need of a new briefcase for my commute.  In part 1 of this series, we looked at the Waterfield Cargo Bag.  Today, we will take a look at another of my favorite gear bag manufacturers, Skooba Design, and their latest entry, the Netbook/iPad Messenger.  I have been waiting an iPad or netbook sized bag from Skooba for quite some time, so I was pretty excited to find this one on their website not long ago.

Quick Look: Find The Objects and True Love With Romance Of Rome HD



This was a pretty easy review for me to write. I absolutely love hidden object/puzzle games, and I have long felt that G5 makes these games just about as well as anyone else on the iPad. So, when I heard they had a new game available, I was eager to give Romance of Rome a try.

The story is well told through the use of non-player characters and cut-scene comics. Essentially, you are a poor traveler who has come to Rome. As you approach the city, a young girl is attacked. You save her, but another hooded man swoops in, knocks you unconscious and takes off with the girl.

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