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iOS4devcamp winners

Ah, another dev camp has come and gone and as alwasy, a great slew of apps.  I would hate to have the job to vote for the winners.  But someone did it and here are your winners.  Quite a number of apps I cannot wait to see in the store especially Bugaboo.  :)


55 Hackathon teams competed on Sunday afternoon, many of whom had never met before the previous Friday evening. The winners are:

the iphonedevcamp and ipaddevcamp is now called ..wait for it.. iOS4devcamp! And its this weekend

Yup, if you have been to either of the iphone, ipad dev camps before you know the iphone/ipad sweetness that is involved.  So this weekend we have another one called iOS4 dev camp.  Now since we do not have iOS4 on the ipad yet, I'm not sure what that is going to mean, but I do not think it will be a iOS4 ONLY camp.  So grab your xcode and head on down.

And for your reading pleasure, some of the press release...


Will your twitter iphone app break tomorrow? Maybe, because we are <20 hours till OAuth only

Now, if you are not a programmer, you may not have any idea what OAuth is.  Back in the early days of twitter, one would use your username and password to allow you to access Twitter.  Same thing on the iphone.  You would be asked to enter your twitter name and password and the phone would remember this and all was good with the world.

kinda of.

Dig the iPhone? Live in the SF Bay area? Well then! Its iphoneDevCamp time!


Yup, almost time for another iphonedevcamp.  What? You did not go last year?  What’s wrong with you?  If you have an iPhone and have ANY interest to building or help build what everyone will see either at the end of this weekend or the end of the year, this is the place to be.

How cool! A Stencil Interface Template for iPhone apps



Just saw this in Gizmodo. How cool is this?  Now, according to Gizmodo, there are only 100 of these, so go get it.

What could multi threading ‘run in background’ support in iphone 3.0 look like?


I was writing a post on the best way to use Pandora on the iphone (link to article) and it struck me that THIS is how we may see ‘run in background’ support working on the iphone and why we want it.

Baby Shaker iphone app pulled from app store… Do we need a rating system?

I cannot count the number of times I've heard of useful and cool apps rejected from the Apple store for 'typically' stupid reasons, and when I heard about 'baby shaker' getting through, all I could do was shake my head and think, how did a sick tasteless app like this get through? Well, it took 2 days, (last week, sorry been sick) but now its pulled. At first I was quite happy to see this trash removed, but then I stepped back and started to think about it.. This is tasteless and offensive to be sure. But where is the line?

Remote contollers with the iphone 3.0 update. I hope.


At GDC yesterday, I walked past a display showing the ‘Zeemote’.  They had it working

NPR on the iPhone using PublicRadio and NPR Mobile


I have been a iphone radio user (my list of radio apps) since AOL radio first came out.  I tend to use the digital radio just as often as I use the iPod feature. Missing however was public radio from AOL.  Well, that has been sorted.  Now, NPR Mobile has been out for a bit, but it lacked live streaming.

Youtube not working for you? How to play youtube videos on the iphone using a simple workaround

Yesterday I wrote about a FAIL where movies for many iphone users are not playing. I do not have a the full answer as to why it’s not working, although it seems that the .flv (flash version) of the video is playing instead of the h.264 (apple version).   As of this writing, it still does not work for me; even after a few reboots.  However, I did find a way to get video to work.

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