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Tanique Doncaster, safe tanning advice plus much more!

Tanique Doncaster, safe tanning advice plus much more!

Tanique Doncaster App is full of useful information about safe tanning and full of holiday themed iOS games and quizzes.

Here are some of Tanique Doncaster App feature:

* All the information about Tanique Doncaster in one easy to use application without the need of an internet connection once downloaded.

* A safe tanning quiz, plus a holiday flag themed quiz.

* A found Mr Sunshine iOS game

* A live map to help you find your way around Doncaster

* Information about Doncaster and it's surrounding area

* A pick my treatment iOS feature

* Five free wallpapers to use as your home screen

* A summery time clock

Plus much more, so download Tanique Doncaster today.

Price and Availability:

Free worldwide in the Apple App store

WalkJogRun Running

WalkJogRun Running
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Find running routes on your iPhone from our database of 1 million routes worldwide or create your own.  Plot a route on the map or track your run on your phone with the most accurate GPS tracker.  We wanted to build an iPhone running app so accurate we would use it every day. This was the result.


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