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Searching the Web

How to Find What You Need Online

The Web is your best source for finding apps, getting help, finding accessories, and more

With over 350,000 apps and counting, and hundreds of accessories, how can you find the best ones to meet needs? The Internet can help. And if you're looking for answers to your questions, you can go online to get the help. This multipart how-to shows you how to find everything you need online.

How to search for apps

The App Store, with its small number of categories and haphazard assignment of apps to those categories, hasn’t scaled well in terms of finding apps. The App Genius feature in iOS can help somewhat, but to find what you need, you’ll likely want to go online.


How do I search using Google Mobile App?

Google MobileIn addition to working as a regular search engine, Google Mobile App (free, app2.me/3245) integrates photo recognition, voice commands, and support for over 15 languages. Here are some of its features:

Power up your online searches with the Google Mobile App.

  • Google Goggles: Take a picture of a landmark, book, business card, artwork, or object, and Google Goggles will return relevant search results based on the picture you took.


How do I set a default search engine?

Default Search EngineWhen you open Safari, you see the address bar at the top of the screen, and next to it you see the search bar. The search bar has the word Google in it because Google is the default search engine for iOS devices. If you prefer Yahoo! or Bing, you can change this default with a few easy steps:

  1. Open Settings >Safari and tap on Search Engine.
  2. Tap on the search engine you'll like to use: Google, Yahoo! or Bing.
  3. Go back to Safari and look at the search window.


Searching the Web: Introduction

Searching for information online is an art form we're all having to master. Here are a couple of ways to use Safari's search feature to make your searches easier and more effective.


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