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How do I use Voice Control?

iPhone 3GS or later and 4th generation iPod touch

Voice Control is a neat feature that allows you to use voice commands to control your phone, music playback, and more. To activate Voice Control, simply hold down the Home button until the Voice Control screen appears. You will hear a beep, indicating that the device is waiting for a command. Voice Control works best when you include brief pauses between the words in your commands and speak naturally as if you're talking with someone on the phone.


My iPhone/iPad 3G doesn't recognize my SIM card.

iPhone and 3G version of the iPad

Sim Card TrayDevices using AT&T's networks use SIM cards to store information and access the network. If your iPhone or iPad Wi-Fi + 3G has trouble recognizing your SIM card, you can try the following:

iOS devices running on AT&T's network have SIM card trays in different places.

  1. Use a paper clip or a pin to push into the SIM card ejection hole. This ejects the tray holding your SIM card.
  2. Check it to make sure the card and tray are free of dirt or dust.


How do I show the battery percentage in the status bar?

iPhone, iPad only

batt percentageIf you like keeping track of how much battery life your iPhone or iPad has left, you may want to choose to have the remaining percentage displayed in the status bar at the top of the screen.


How do I track my iPhone, iPad or iPod touch using MobileMe?

Find My iPhoneIf you misplace your device or someone steals it, you can use Apple’s MobileMe service to locate it. (You can even use MobileMe to remotely wipe-off all data, lock the device if it gets stolen, and display a custom message for whoever finds it.) Here’s how to track your device:

MobileMe can help you track your iPhone, remotely erase data, and create a custom message for whoever finds it.

  1. Create a MobileMe account and activate it on your device (see “How Do I Use MobileMe?” on page 99)
  2. Open Settings> Mail, Contacts, Calendars.


How do I lock the screen rotation?

Screen LockAll iOS devices will automatically rotate their screen orientation depending on how you’re holding them. Sometimes, though, you don’t want the screen to rotate. Maybe you’re reading in bed with your iPad, and every time you change your position to get comfortable, the iPad’s screen spasms between horizontal and vertical viewing modes. Fortunately, you lock screen rotation on any iOS device. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Rotate your device until the screen is in the desired orientation.
  2. Double-click the Home button to display the multitasking bar at the bottom of the screen.


How do I search for Calendar appointments?

Calendar AppIf you have a lot of appointments, it’s easy to lose track of them. For example, you might remember that you made an appointment with Marty and Mary to discuss a project, but don’t remember when it is. You can use the Calendar app’s search feature to search through the appointment titles, invitees, locations, and notes fields to find the event quickly. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open Calendar.
  2. On the iPhone and iPod touch, tap on the List view at the bottom of the screen.


How do I use Airplane Mode?

AirplaneModeAirplane Mode turns off all incoming and outgoing wireless signals on your device, including cellular voice/data, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS. (It’s called Airplane Mode because you’re frequently required to do this on an airplane.) 
Turning on Airplane Mode is easy. Simply open Settings and switch the Airplane Mode tab to ON. When your device is in Airplane Mode, you will see a small airplane icon on the top left of your screen.


How do I use MobileMe?

MobileMeMobileMe is a subscription-based collection of online services and software offered by Apple. The applications that make up MobileMe are Mail, Calendar, Gallery, Contacts, and iDisk. MobileMe saves all your data in the “Cloud,” allowing you to access it from any Internet-connected device and sync information across all your devices. For example, a new appointment entered into your iPhone shows up on your home and work computers automatically. MobileMe can also locate your devices through GPS services, and you can remotely lock or wipe off all data if your device gets stolen.


How do I create or edit a contact?

There are two main ways to enter contacts into your device. You can enter them manually on your iOS device, one-by-one, or you can sync them from a computer or online contact manager. Syncing them from another source is probably the easiest and most efficient way to do it.


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