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Managing Accounts

How do I make text entry easier with keyboard shortcuts?

iPhone KeyboardThe iOS device keyboard has some very useful features that make text entry easy and fast. For example, if you reach for a key and press the wrong one, keep your finger on the key, slide it to the correct key, and lift up. The correct character is entered. Here are some of the more common features of the keyboard and some neat shortcuts.

Type different versions of each letter and symbol by tapping and holding each character.

  • To type an uppercase letter: Tap the shift key before typing the letter.


How do I change my default e-mail account?

Change default accountMany people have multiple e-mail accounts, and as already mentioned, they can access them all from their iOS device (see page 44). Your device uses the e-mail account you entered as the default account—whenever you send, reply to, or forward an e-mail, it is done from this account. If you have more than one e-mail account, you can change the default account by following these steps:

  1. Open Settings> Mail, Contacts, Calendars.
  2. Scroll down and tap Default Account.
  3. Tap on the account you want to designate as the default.


How do I delete Gmail messages instead of "Archive"?

Archive email OffStarting with iOS 4, the Mail app started archiving instead of deleting Gmail messages.


How do I use the accessibility features?

Accessibility FeaturesYour iOS device comes packed with accessibility features to help you use the device more effectively. They are particularly helpful to people with certain disabilities. To turn on or off the accessibility settings, go to Settings> General> Accessibility and select the feature you want to activate. They include the following:

Use accessibility features to get special access to every part of your device.

  • VoiceOver: This feature describes audibly what appears on the screen.


How do I save battery power by setting "fetch" frequency for e-mail?

Turn Push On or OffWhen the Push option is turned on, and if your e-mail service provider supports Push, information updates are sent to your iOS device as your provider receives them. (MobileMe, Microsoft Exchange, Yahoo! Mail, and some others support Push.) However, leaving Push on all the time consumes battery power. Unless you have up-to-the-minute messaging needs, you should turn Push off and use the Fetch option, which checks for messages periodically.


How To Temporarily Disable an Email Account on Your iPhone

Temporarily Disable an E-mail AccountThere may be situations where you'd like to stop receiving email from one or more account. For example, you're on vacation and don't want to receive business-related messages. The following temporarily disables the account on your iOS device. The account still receives incoming messages; they just don't show up on your device:

Temporarily disable email accounts when you don't want updates for a set period of time.


How do I delete an e-mail account?

delete mail accountsMany people have multiple e-mail accounts—one for business use, another for personal use, a third for non-profit organizations you work with, etc. Occasionally, you might have to delete one of these. For example, if you change jobs, you'll want to delete your business account altogether. The following will delete the account on your iOS device.


How do I add an e-mail account

Add E-MailYour device lets you access all of your e-mail accounts, allowing you to send and receive messages wherever you are. There are several ways to add an e-mail account to your device. The easiest is to work with one of the five default e-mail services that your device recognizes automatically.


Managing Accounts: Introduction

The iOS platform really shines when it comes to managing e-mail accounts. Adding new accounts is a snap, and custom settings are only a few taps away. Here are a few of the ways you can manage your accounts.


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