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How to Find the Latest Special Needs Apps & Accessories

These great online resources help parents, teachers, and other special needs caregivers.

Whether you are a special needs parent (like myself), caregiver, educator, medical professional, or therapist, the iPad is revolutionizing the special needs community. However, trying to stay on top of all the latest apps and accessories can be overwhelming.


How to Cook With the iPhone

The best apps for each stage of the cooking process

As I feel the first rumble in my belly, I instinctively reach for my iPhone—not to order out, but to fix myself a delicious meal. With an iPhone app for nearly everything, there is no shortage of cooking apps. Even after I did some spring-cleaning on my iPhone, I still have 2 pages of cooking apps.


How to Find your Way around Beantown

Whether you're a native "Bahston drivah" or a visitor, these apps 
will help you find your way around Boston and other US cities

So, whether you want to "pahk ya cah in Havahd yahd" or find a restaurant that serves good "lobsta," your iPhone or iPod touch and these must-have apps will help you find your way around Boston town (and other US cities).

Magellan Roadmate

$49.99, iPhone/iPod touch: app2.me/3172

RoadmateFinding your way around Beantown means braving I-93 and Storrow Drive. These roads are quite busy most of the time, so the Magellan Roadmate app won't necessarily get you where you're going quickly.


How to Get a Grip on Your iPad

The iPad is beautiful with its aluminum back, and the new iPad 2 is even nicer. However, it's sometimes hard to get a grip on the iPad—literally. The iPad needs a strap or handle to carry it safely and comfortably. I looked at several cases that fit the bill and report on them below. I’ve even included a comparison chart for your convenience.


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