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Hardware Problems

How do I have physical damage repaired?

Apple's one-year limited warrantee and the AppleCare Protection Plan cover physical damage to your device, including broken screens, cracked cases, and any inherent defects. The one-year limited warrantee is part of the purchase price of the iOS device. The AppleCare Protection Plan extends this service for an additional year and must be purchased during the one-year limited warrantee. Prices for AppleCare are as follows: iPhone: $69, iPod touch: $59, and iPad: $99. For more details on these plans or to purchase them, visit Apple's website (apple.com/support/products).

Apple also provides service for iOS devices that are no longer covered by a warrantee.


How do I replace my battery?

If your device's battery can no longer hold a charge, you need to have it replaced. Use one of these options:

Within warrantee period

If you are still within Apple's one-year limited warranty, or have purchased and are within the extended AppleCare Protection Plan, Apple will replace your defective battery. (They define "defective" as a battery that drops below 50 percent of its original capacity.)

Warrantee expired

If your device is no longer under warrantee, you can use Apple's Battery Replacement Service and pay a flat fee to have your battery replaced.


My battery won't charge. What do I do?

ChargingBefore you send your device in for service, here are some things you can do:

  • Use the AC power adapter that came with your iOS device to charge it. (A battery icon will appear on the screen indicating that your device is charging.)

The battery icon appears on your Locked screen, indicating that you are connected to a power adapter and charging.

  • You can also charge your device from your desktop computer using the USB sync cable. However, make sure you connect to a USB port on the computer.


Hardware Problems: Introduction

Troubleshooting Hardware Problems

You can take care of the vast majority of temporary glitches by restarting your device. (See "How do I restart my device" later in this section.) If that doesn't work, there are additional steps you can take. Here are some of the most common problems and the solutions you should try:


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