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Filling out forms

How do I use Safari’s AutoFill feature?

Apple includes an AutoFill feature in all iOS devices that uses information from Contacts and remembers usernames and passwords. Here's how to turn it on and use it:

Turn on AutoFill:

  1. Open Settings and tap on Safari >AutoFill.

  2. Slide the Use Contact Info switch to the ON position. This tells your device to fetch data from your own entry in your Contacts list. For example, if there's a form requiring your name, AutoFill will enter your name.
  3. Slide the Names and Passwords switch to the ON position.


Filling out Web Forms: Introduction

The small screen and even smaller onscreen keyboard of the iPhone and iPod touch can create the perfect storm of dissatisfaction when you’re trying to purchase something online, log into your Twitter account, or fill out other online forms. Fortunately, there’s a feature built into all iOS devices that makes things easier.


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